Spotify goes iPhone

A few weeks ago we gave you a sneak preview of the Spotify app for the iPhone, one of the special projects we’ve been pouring ourselves into as we look to give our users the ability to listen to all of our music on the move.

We’re now thrilled to let you know that the lovely people at Apple have given our mobile app a big thumbs up, meaning that our Premium subscribers in the UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Norway and Finland will be able to download Spotify for free from the App Store soon.

Spotify on the iPhone will include many of the features our users enjoy on the desktop, with the added advantage of letting you listen to your playlists even when you haven’t got a network connection, for instance when on a plane or the underground. We’ll be sure to let you know here on the blog as soon as it’s in the App Store.

So from everyone here at Spotify, have a fantastic weekend!


  1. @belfastbiker – I honestly don’t want the application anymore. I was just talking for my sake and thinking some people would react the same way as I do. I’m still gonna use the free version of Spotify software on my macbook pro though.

  2. @opdude: Thanks. That’s interesting. Am sure you’re right.

    It’s interesting that the links on sky news have now been removed. I think someone messed up by accidentally publishing the links ahead of the stories being published.

    The titles of the articles are intriguing. (“Spotify Launches On iPhone, Android”…). Am just wondering if things are being lined up for a Monday launch (of both iPhone and Android app).

  3. @gone_mexico – Yeah the dual release of the apps has been hinted at a few times and it would further explain why they need to update their servers, if there will be 2 brand new apps on the same day ^^

  4. I really hope they release this on Monday, Iv’e spent far to much time searching the iTunes store lol

  5. it would be really cool if you could like bring out a spotify music player so people without an iphone can listen to music on the go too🙂

  6. So… Any words on when it will be released? Been a while since the announcement.

  7. Well JPaulBrown (on Twitter) is expecting a busy week ahead!

    Wednesday / Thursday seems to be the favorite due to the Apple event.

    I’m still going for Monday. I think Sky News accidentally the let cat out of the bag.

  8. I went premium as soon as the news was released. Thank you spotify for the great service and the fact that you actually listen to the community; which seperate a bad company from a good one.

    Concerning this whole part about the Iphone-app, I really cant understand all the fuss about waiting? I think both Apple and Spotify has their reason for not releasing it on Appstore right away. Apple as a company know that this is a big thing, and I am starting to belive that they wohnt release this app as a random new app. They are waiting for something, and as some of you already mention they will presumably release the spotify-app on 090909 with their upcoming presentation of the new iTouch/iPod-series.

    If the wait is because they dont find the app beeing fully finished I dont mind them delaying the release a week or two. This is a big step, maybe the biggest step Spotify have made since the start, and their are no reason to rush this and ruin all the work they have put into this.

    Spotify @ iPhone, cant wait!

  9. I really hope there is a queue function in the iPhone app when it’s released. That would be superb. But please Spotify bring the app to the store on the normally really boring monday morning (TOMORROW) and I you will make my music life perfect.

  10. Come on Daniel, you don’t need any sleep.

    You’ll sleep so much better know that we’re all listening to Spotify on our otherwise boring commutes! lol

  11. @instinkt Just notised somthing funny about your comment! lets copy paste somthing out of contense!:

    “Concerning this whole part about the Iphone-app, I really cant understand all the fuss about waiting?”
    “Spotify @ iPhone, cant wait!”

    Lol you must admit it`s a little funny?!!!

  12. and to all you “who cares about iphone” & “What about windows mobile” people…..: WTF are you doing og a blog about iphone if you only have shit to share?
    Go make your own blog. stop talking shit!

  13. @eirikrp

    Your power of observation is serving you well! Haha, ye, that was actually abit funny!😉

  14. Spotify app available for Android, the official one. Maybe that means we’re getting closer to the iPhone app

  15. Gah! I cant download it because my “itunes” account is registred on my US address. Can someone perhaps post or upload the .ipa for me please? Thanks

  16. It’s here and it’s so good. You can search by artist as well. Whoop whoop!!!!!!

  17. Is there connectivity issues in Canary Wharf (London) – due to the number of users on the O2 Network in one space?

    I have a perfectly good Edge signal, but have been unable to search on-line and stream-on line for the last couple of hours. Typical symptoms include:

    1. My connection being dropped. (Banner goes blue and Search link becomes disabled). Requires me to re-start the app.

    2. A long time to respond to a search.

    3. Pressing play and nothing hapenning. – I give up after a couple of mins.

    This all worked fine when I left home this morning (outside London). As no one else is talking about this, it makes me think it’s a carrier issue. Unfortunatly, I don’t have WiFi access at work and therefore cannot prove this.

  18. The question I have is what if you pay monthly and in that month sync the music to your iPhone to use offline, but then cancel your monthly contract….

    What happens to the synced music – when you log in can you no longer play it?

  19. Why is there no development of an app for blackberry ???.. I paid good money for this phone and it seems that there is no apps for it !!!!

  20. i am a premium subscriber in Ireland and I cant get the app for my iphone yet users in other countries can get it on their iphone for FREE. What a bunch of ****ing nonsense.

  21. Hi Spotify, the app is great and I’m loving it! A couple of suggestions for the app – allow browsing of all artists, songs and albums that are on playlists (and downloaded playlists), in the same way that the ipod application works.
    Somehow integrate with ipod application so that users can combine playlists and tracks from both spotify and ipod.
    Allow background running (might not be possible), so that you can do emails while listening to spotify.


  22. How does this work with the integration…can I scrobble via the iphone spotify application? If not put this on my “want it”-list😛

  23. I’ve decided to stop supporting Spotify and I will encourage my friends to do so as well. Initially, Spotify was open to people from my homeland. After signing the deal with Apple, this is no longer possible. Not only one cannot try the new iPhone app, but it is impossible for my friends to join Spotify, to enjoy music and pay for the work of music lovers out there. Shame.

    “Everyone Loves Music”. Some can listen to it.

  24. Check out remoteless; iPhone remote for spotify on windows (and later mac). It got search and broswing and a lot of other features. Nice demo video + blog on homepage