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When we introduced the sharing feature, a lot of you requested a simple way of sharing the music you are listening to on Twitter. With Spotify 0.3.19, you can.

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  1. It would be even more delicious if Spotify could have a large cover flow that cover the whole screen, like iTunes(good forbidden).

  2. Almost perfect, now all I want is the ability to copy the name of a song, album, whatever, to the clipboard. Right clicking something, and then “Google” would be perfect. Awesome when I need to find lyrics or music video.

  3. Nice one!
    It would be great if the link would be the last one in the message. Twitter messages beginning with such a long link look strange otherwise – links go at the end 🙂

  4. When do you plan to fix the Top lists “for me” option? The songs/albums on my list hasn’t changed since the feature was first introduced, and it wasn’t even correct back then.

    And when you do fix it it would be really nice if you would add some options to it, like “most listened to last week/last month/all time”

  5. I would love to be able to add my own services to that menu. It could be a simple INI-file that could be edited to add other web services such as Google Reader or or something completely different.

  6. Love it but I think you need to add a shorter URL especially when posting to Twitter.

  7. Beautiful! But it would be best to set a default application (Tweetie or other) and use (or other).

  8. Thanks for keeping us up2date with what’s new in each release of Spotify !

  9. Aw 😦 I was hoping it would use OAuth, Facebook Connect etc and be posted like “from Spotify”. Would be more awesome.

  10. “a lot of you requested a simple way of sharing the music you are listening to on Twitter”

    23, according to ‘Get Satisfaction’. I know this is a minor development, but how about committing developer time to something we can’t achieve by ourselves (and doesn’t get shut down when we do)? You know what I’m talking about.

  11. and when autodetection of duplicates in the playlists, is a horror delete by hand 😦

  12. When you share on Facebook the link just says ”
    Spotify Resource” and shows the link but could you change this so it says name of artist and track and maybe have photo from the album or single?

  13. I’m confused. Does this update automatically behind-the-scenes? I already seem to have this version.

  14. It’s a good start, but as others are saying, the feature would be more useful if name and artist, and perhaps also (at least for Facebook) the cover art, was published.

  15. for facebook….. Instead of saying “Spotify Resource” it really needs to say the name of the Artist & Song.

  16. gordonbyers said: “for facebook….. Instead of saying “Spotify Resource” it really needs to say the name of the Artist & Song.”


    Ermm, +100, actually. 🙂

  17. I would rather see the Spotify client fixed.. Whole week nothing, but random stops.

    but hey… twitter TWITTER!

  18. How does this work? Clicking on any of the services does nothing for me. Running it on Wine on Ubuntu 9.04.

  19. ***
    Adding new features while not fixing existing bugs is the wrong strategy in my point of view.

    News about better radios and metadata would be much more important than twitter features!

  20. Now that is seriously cool in my book! BTW we’ve heard you’re in the App Store. So congrats. @akrde: what bugs are you talking about?

  21. Nice,
    If it is now for iPhone I hope that it will be in a near future on the HTC phone also. Thats the phne I have as a “work” phone. And would be happy to have Spotify on it. At home it is only Apple I have.

  22. Glad to see Rage Against the Machine in the example picture!
    Great work spotify! 😀

  23. I host a url shortener and we already map domains, file extensions, and protocols to specific short domains like:,, (for audio, read “listen in”) and

    We’ve just registered a short domain specifically for Spotify HTTP links and URIs. Soon we’ll map any Spotify link to a short URL using the custom domain. We’ll post here when it is ready.


  24. I have created a shortener, if anyone is interested. You can use it at:

    It also has a bookmarklet that you can use when on pages to turn that link into a link.

    Let me know what you think