Spotify Premium UK, Sunny Days Of Summer

Twenty-year-old singer songwriter Steve Appleton will release his debut album on 31st August. Taking inspiration from an array of genres including Pop, Rock, Funk and Dance, Steve has an ear for tune, an eye for an incredible live show and single-handedly wrote and produced his entire album.

Kicking off today, Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK can be the first to hear his new album, When The Sun Comes Up.

For a taste of what to expect check out his debit single Dirty Funk.


  1. Come on Andres! You posted the worng link!

    Thanks for all the great guys, my mates think this is the worst investment I have made, but I love being a premium member!!!

  2. London please! The classic Ska touch of Torn on the Platform Gets my feet tapping any time and can lift me out of my blues. That, with the classic London scene he describes is sure to brig a smile to my face.

  3. did you know guys,that spotify is from sweden,and they creating spotigy that everyone loves music

  4. did you guys know,those guys some create spotify they asking the artist for.ex.takida,djbomba and more,if that is ok for them,then they put the album,artist & tracks,and then they started to make spotify