Spotify Premium UK, Little By Little

7 Worlds Collide was a live album released in 2001 by New Zealand singer/songwriter, Neil Finn. In December of 2008 the 7 Worlds Collide line up reconvened to record a charity album for Oxfam.

Starting today Spotify Premium users in the UK can listen exclusively to the new album, The Sun Came Out, before it’s released. Familiar faces from the original album abound, Johnny Marr, Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway of Radiohead and the likes of KT Tunstall and Wilco are all included.


  1. @yourfrontdoor: It works perfectly fine for me, but many users have had problems since the latest automatic update. The Spotify team is probably working on solving this issue.

  2. Fab, and handy to figure out whether to bother with the 2CD version, but the artist labelling could be better. You have the first album down as Neil Finn and the second as 7 Worlds Collide, with no clue as to who’s on what. A “featuring” column would be handy.

  3. ofcurse there is eddie vedder on there,i´m just searsch that name,and eddies music mmmmh…not so bad