Spotify Premium UK, Jack Peñate tickets

img_5259-copy-crop-small.jpgMusic mythology dictates that artists who’ve tasted success with a mercurial debut in many cases struggle with their Difficult Second Album. Not so a certain Jack Peñate, who has delighted fans and critics alike with his follow up Everything Is New.

‘Sunny and gloriously assured’, ‘brave and exhilirating’ and ‘rather brilliant’ are just some of the praises showered on Jack’s latest effort, whose popular debut followed the 2007 trend for cockney slices of life, with pearly king Jamie T and queen Kate Nash also finding fame at around the same period.

Jack releases his new single Pull My Heart Away today. Already a huge live favourite, the Paul Epworth-produced single is set to build on the success of previous singles Tonight’s Today and Be The One.

To celebrate today’s release, we’re giving away ten pairs of tickets to Jack’s upcoming UK & Ireland tour this October, exclusively to Spotify Premium UK members.

Subscribers should simply post a comment saying which gig they’d like to attend, as well as letting us know which Jack track holds a special place in your heart and why.

Gig details below:

OCT 17 DUBLIN Village
OCT 18 BELFAST Spring & Airbrake
OCT 22 BIRMINGHAM Rainbow Warehouse
OCT 23 MANCHESTER Warehouse Project
OCT 24 LEEDS Met Uni
OCT 27 BRISTOL Anson Rooms
OCT 29 LONDON The Fridge

You can also check out the official video to his latest single here.

Ten winners will be selected on September 1st, so get commenting and best of luck!


  1. london, he made a second album that was a) better than his first and b) wasn’t the same album repeated – that makes him a solid gold rarity in this day and age 😉

  2. London. Torn on the platform reminds me of trains up and down the country…never wanting to leave and always happy to return.

  3. Bristol; ‘Be The One’ is my fave, reminds me of when I met my best friend. ❤ Jack!

  4. London. I’m a relatively new Jack Peñate fan; I was sent a Spotify link on FaceBook a couple of months back, and since then I’ve been enjoying both his first, and newest album.
    My favourite track has to be “Tonight’s Today”, as it reminds me of studying for my 2nd year exams (usually not getting to sleep until 4am).

  5. Manchester: My Yvonne is a beuatiful track but Spit at Stars is a classic tune, it will forever take me back to the time I first saw him at Manchester Academy last April. Spit central. Awesome haha.

  6. Birmingham.
    I love the contrast between the 1st and 2nd album, completely unexpected but glorious and beautiful music.

    “Got my favourite” has to be my favourite track. “…To decorate my limbs and let me know, That through these things a constant love will flow”. It reminds me of all the absent friends I know and how little objects remind me of them and the good times we’ve had

  7. “When we die” was playing when we had this rocking afterparty in the park this summer. Everytime I hear the song I can see mental images from the park. Awesome stuff ❤

  8. London. Because he’s almost named after the crown prince of non spaghetti type pasta – Penne- crossed with Karate, and also – is not crap. In fact, I’m gonna tweak my pasta machine to make Penate, then chop it with my bare hands. Yeah. That’s right. Gimme.

  9. Nottingham

    ‘Be The One’ because this was the first track that I heard. From the first time I listened to the words ‘The stage was set for me to play’ I connected and fell in love with this upcoming artists music. As a solo performer myself I admire Jack and aspire to write tunes as cool as his.

  10. Southampton Uni please 🙂

    ‘So Near’ because it has an amazing vibe that always makes me want to get up and dance. I love this song because I can relate to this journey he’s nervously taking alone to finding himself and reaching his goal, not knowing what is next. I think it’s brilliant! Love you Jack 😀 xx

  11. London Please…

    Pull My Heart Away, because this song shows how much Jack has changed from the catchy ballads of Matinee, to songs that take me and my girlfriend somewhere else in Everything is New

  12. Manchester… would be FANTASTIC!!!

    I first heard Jack on Spotify, so would adore to see him live. I haven’t been to a live gig since before my open heart surgery in Feb, so a weekend out in Manchester would be brilliant, please?!

  13. London The Fridge – would be amazing, as it’s a tiny venue!

    There’s a special place in my heart for Jack, as I asked my girlfriend out while – ironically – listening to ‘Pull My Heart Away’!