Spotify Premium Sweden, Paloma Faith VIP tickets

img_5259-copy-crop-small.jpgThis Thursday, London jazz diva Paloma Faith, the 1950s throwback who’s been described as “a mix between Peggy Lee and Bjork” is giving a performance to an exclusive crowd at Stockholm’s Village and we’ve got three very special pairs of tickets to give away to Spotify Premium members in Sweden.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning VIP tickets to the guaranteed-to-be-smoulderingly-hot show (she was formerly a burlesque dancer), then be sure to leave a comment on the blog saying why you should gain entry, and we’ll contact the winners this Thursday. Doors opens at 20.00, with Faith getting the party started at 21.00. There’s only a few days left, so be sure to get in quick!

Faith, who can be seen in Terry Gilliam’s upcoming movie The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, Heath Ledger’s final film before his death last year, will release her debut album later next month. Her first single from the album Stone Cold Sober was released recently.


  1. I just listened to “Stone Cold Sober” and “I Just Wait” and I really loved what I heard. I hope that I’ll get the chance to see her live.

  2. I’d like to go to the show since I believe it is most likely going to be hell of a show. She has got a great voice which could be compared to Duffy, Amy Winehouse and the singers mentioned above and I would lie if I said that I don’t look forward to her dancing.

  3. I should have these tickets because I’m a true VIP. Will you also charter a jet for me from Luleå?

  4. Hi! I would really like to be able to take my girlfriend to this event! We missed a big concert by U2 a few weeks ago because I became sick, and we both are very sorry of that, mostly she. This tickets would REALLY suprise her! Its not u2, but its sure good music and would really be appreciated by us both! And i sure will be free from her guilt 😛

  5. Music should be experience live, there for it would be a great opportunity to widen here fan base by granting me the experience of listening to her live at a great club as Village!

    Go premium! 😉

  6. I’d love the tickets to take my, hopefully, future wife to an unforgetable evening…
    I’d soo love to..

  7. Because she claims that her boiled water is better than the boiled water of Amy Winehouse and Duffy. That earns respect and makes you curious.

  8. I love these giveaways, I’ve still not been on the receiving end, but your effort still counts!

    I’d like to have the tickets to see that the summer ain’t really over and everything isn’t just about work.


  9. Since i’m only in sthlm for the weekend and i wont it to be the best weekend of my life i should get em!

  10. sorry to bother you on other subjects but as I live in France and I might want to go premium :
    – any plan on doing such VIP treats in France as well ?
    – any word on the iphone app ?
    thx a lot !

  11. Well i wold like to have som ticket´s 😉 So Count me in if you draw hahaha PeaCe

  12. I would like these tickets, not only because I like her different style but also because she sings like a godtress. This would also surprise my friends alot, not only because I actually won once in my life, but because that they do enjoy this kind of genre. It is a bit different of what I usually listen to and it would be a great way to discover more of her excellent music.

  13. I want Spotify Premium because mine mother has her 50 years old birth this week and it whould be nice to have some entertaiment without reklam!

  14. Summary: Give it to me, I could need a break from reality.
    Ni kunde ju väga in det faktum att jag är en god ambassadör för Spotify, som verkligen skulle behöva lite guldkant i tillvaron..

  15. I would be most grateful if I was blessed with a ticket.
    Things aren’t exactly going my at the moment and I would really need some kind “pick me up” thing to happen. Also thanks for this great service, it definitely makes the working day much more fun!

  16. Longing for something beautiful, something quite real. The music is apealing, it’s stunning. The girl is one in a million. I’d love to be there.



  17. Visste inte att man måste motivera varför man vill ha biljetterna. Jag gillar bara att vinna!

  18. I so much would love to see her live! Amazing voice and body. Love her music – sober or not.


  19. Great consert! A realy big thanks for the ticket, realy loved the consert!


  20. Or, now that I’ve heard ‘I just Wait’, the concert ticket might do! 😉