Spotify Premium UK, Stone Roses Collector’s Edition

Last week, exactly twenty years to the day when four Manchester musicians stepped on to the stage of the Blackpool Empress Ballroom for what would become a legendary gig, Sony Music re-released the classic album that is ‘The Stone Roses’.

The Collector’s Edition features a fully re-mastered version of the album by original producer John Leckie and Ian Brown, alongside a host of bonus discs, unseen footage, additional tracks and interviews. Also included is the full DVD of that legendary Empress Ballroom show, a complete set of re-mastered B sides and non-album A sides for the band’s Silvertone singles, and most importantly ‘The Lost Demos’ – a previously unheard selection of early recordings of the album tracks B side single tracks.

On top of that, the Collector’s Edition features John Leckie’s personal home movie ‘Up at Sawmills: The Making of Fools Gold’, which is on a natty Lemon shaped USB – in homage to the album’s iconic sleeve art – together with a 48-page bound book with unseen images and brand new interviews with the members of the band and their fans.

So if you fancy getting your hands on the Roses’ definitive collector’s box set and are a Spotify Premium member, drop us a quick ‘why I should win’ comment on the blog and we’ll pick a winner on September 1st. Good luck!


  1. I should really win this so I can play it for one and a half year old daughter, give her a good taste of real music.

  2. It should say “so I can play it for my one and a half year old daughter”…

  3. I just want it, – a lot -, simple as that. Isn’t simple often the best? 😉 Also, I rarely win anything at all, so maybe you could give me a little more faith in competitions? … and I’ve been a fan for a long time and a subscriber for a long time, — and now it isn’t that simple anymore… sorry…Can I win now?

  4. The only time in my life I hit a girl was 20 years ago when she tried to steal my new Stone Roses CD, have mercy on me…

  5. I should win that one because I’ve never heard of this band and I’d like to listen to the album before I throw it away 😀

  6. I should win cause all my cd’s have disappeared and I need some imba music!

  7. I should win because I need something to listen to while I drink beer my with friends.

  8. Before I start ‘Begging You’ for the boxset, or breaking down into ‘Tears’ at ‘Daybreak’ after realising I didn’t. I may still have a small chance to win, could ‘This [Comment] be the One’? And even though it might be ‘The Hardest Thing in the World’ to win the boxet, if I do win it will definitely be ‘Good Times’.

  9. ’cause YOU ALL want to know where they really got their band’s name from.

  10. The Stone Roses were the ‘governors’ of the Madchester scene in the late 80’s as Noel Gallagher has eloquently stated and I am the governor of the biggest band poster probably existing in the UK today so I should qualify to win the prize…Nice One!

  11. Why i should win? Dont know actually. I guess because some people has to win, and some not. Probably i’m with the last group…

  12. I bought the “Stone Roses” album on vinyl back in the days…It’s one of the greats. Never saw them live though. I should win this because I’m a fan of the band and a real recordgeek who drools over such things as Collector’s boxes with extras DVD’s and stuff. Peace

  13. I should win because if I don’t win it I will send Ian Brown over to spotify HQ and have him go all Kung-Fu on spotify!

  14. i should win because I will play it loud and long and ensure Madchester never dies! Also it may erase the pain of The Second Coming…

  15. I should win because… my heart soars every time I hear the opening strains to I Wanna Be Adored… my hair stands on end as the spangled-Clash gallop, She Bangs The Drums, bursts through the speakers… I swoon a little when the glass rain guitars of Waterfall drip down … but when the swagger and arrogance of I Am The Ressurrection announces itself at the end of the album, I know – just like countless thousands of others – that I have been privileged enought to hear one of the most stunning pieces of musical art to be created in my lifetime…

  16. What’s with all that Jackson Pollock splatter and lyrical references? Oh, and I think it’s tremendous that I still can’t work out some of the words 20 years later. And probably never will. And it doesn’t matter. And yes I could just look it all up on line but that would be cheating now wouldn’t it.

  17. I should win so I would have something to listen to in the motor vehicle I usually drive whilst doing menial tasks for the man.

  18. I think I should win because I saw their last ever gig at Reading 96, after John Squire had left. The media slated it but I still thought they were amazing, and told everyone I knew. So really, the Roses owe me the box set for sticking up for them all those years ago.

  19. I love the original album, it is just amazing. I’m not that bothered about winning; I doubt i’d watch the video, even if it is on a USB lemon, and re-engineered albums don’t really do anything for me. Good luck to whoever does win it though!

  20. i have made eight playlist,but you can have only just 9908 tracks in spotify

  21. Because for the last 10 years i’ve always thought Ian Brown was the 3rd Gallagher brother from Oasis. Now, having properly listened to the Stone Roses, i just think he’s some kind of God.