Music catalogue updated with 229,221 tracks!

A couple of days ago we added 24,907 new albums – that’s 229,221 tracks in total!

With so much music having been added it simply wouldn’t be fair of us to pick out highlights… so here’s a somewhat random selection for your sensory pleasure:


We’ll be releasing a spreadsheet for this update early next week, so make sure to check back on this post then. It’s worth noting that as with every Spotify update, not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.

Have a great weekend – and enjoy!

Update: As promised, here’s the spreadsheet: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.


  1. Hi just wondering if you please can add Tinchy stryder-number one to the library? spotify is pritty cool and easy program to use.Love it =)

  2. A lot of good music this time! Thanks a lot! I’ve now once again upgraded to Premium.

  3. it would be great if u could add “Suicide Silence” their so good , i want them on spotify plz

  4. isn’t there a serious problem with that update ?

    I didn’t find a single working link in the whole list distributed by The Orchard (see spreadsheet part 6)
    I first tried copy pasting direct spotify link, ALL give me a search error… and copy-pasting album names doesn’t turn out better.
    from Lydia Lunch “queen of siam” to latest Mad Professor “audio illusions of dub”, all are in the listing…and only in the listing.

    not to mention I tried stuff from other distributors , and I have countless “album not available”. (ie not available everywhere, not just in France,nothing to do with county restrictions).

    it’s fun to announce 200000+ tracks, but if half of these are only available in the next months, maybe it would make sense NOT to include them in the update ?

  5. @gondwana
    It could be that 200000+ tracks are only available in one region and you’re not in it!

  6. @digithed : I have hope in you, I’m sure one day you’ll get “this album is not available in (your country)” doesn’t mean the same as “is not available yet” or “the artist decided not to share this track” …and even more different than “search error”…which is the message (well in french its “echec de la recherche”) I get for all Orchard stuff (which is a distributor, not a label btw…)
    try by yourself :
    and I could go on for thousands of lines.

    still convinced it’s a France only problem ?

    in the best scenario, all those files are in a server not responding or something. In the “worse”, well, it’s an update…to come…

  7. @gondwana: No, its not a France only problem. Something obviously went wrong with the update. As well as the “Browsing Failed – please try again” which I get for your links, many of the other tracks in part 6 which I’ve checked seem to have been loaded as not available in any country.

  8. Hello Spotify I Think your Great I Love Kylie and Michael Jackson Could you please put more Katie Melua on thanks keep up the great music

    Daryn minfan

  9. But added Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly!!! I’ve been waiting forever… Thanks a bunch! Still waiting for Nazareth’s entire back catalogue. -A

  10. Hey Could you add Svenska Akademien Too Spotify because they are a very good swedish band

  11. It’s great that you keep adding music, and I use Spotify a great deal, but where’s the spreadsheet that details the music you remove? Today I wanted to listen to ELO and discovered that all their albums are gone. They were there a couple/few months ago.

  12. How do you determine what content to add? Do you review search results to find those that return zero or close to zero results? Or do you take what you’re given by the publishers? Or have some agenda of your own?

    Personally, I think about 50% of my searches fail to turn up an album that I’d like to hear (and often they only turn up a track or two on a compilation). Now, I don’t *think* my music tastes are that eclectic. But maybe they are. I should say that I don’t search for Led Zep, AC/DC or any of the other well known absenters – so that’s not the problem

  13. Dear Spotify,
    Thank you so much for all Michael Jackson’s songs !
    Now, please, when will I find others albums of the Osmonds ?
    Above all : I am longing for the beautiful album “THE PLAN” !
    Lots of Thanks again and again.

  14. Red hot chili peppers please !!

    We would all love there albums , plus for some reason all there shitty old ones are up and not there awesome newer ones ! xD


  15. I would like to see some good music from Asia as whell, like Japanese music for example… Access, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Minori Chihara, Yui

  16. Spotify is great! It’s made so much music available to me. Compared to other sites it is very user friendly too. Please guys, keep it simple. So many other sites start off like this and then they add more and more things and the site slows down or gets complicated. Just stick to providing us a good selection of music please. Thanks guys! You rock!

  17. Just got the premium service, great! But it would be nice if we could search for gengre and year? Similar to the radio function, but e.g. hip-hop 2009

  18. you should add a music. DJ Mangoo-eurodancer that music rock please add it please.