Spotify Premium Sweden, mini-festival in Gothenburg

On the 25th of August Swedish indie label Wonderland Records will have a mini festival at Trädgårn in Gothenburg. Exciting acts Emmon, Thermostatic, Arvid and Hearts of Black Science will play live.

We wanted to let you know that all Spotify Premium subscribers together with a friend get free entrance before 22:00. The only thing you need to do is to send an e-mail to saying you want to go and giving them your Spotify username.

You can check out the playlist of the Wonderland-acts and you can download a whole bunch of great free mp3s from the Wonderland website. The evening is co-hosted by Adore Music who’s nice range of pop and rock you should also check out. All the info about the evening can be found on their Facebook page.


  1. virusvirusvirusvirusvirusvirusvirusvirusvirusvirusvirusvirusvirusvi

    it seem to be flies up your trumpet-my virus shield caught and recaught some ugly when i tried to install it and that closed the install.


  2. Andres: Can’t you make a comment about iPhone and Spotify, we are many that’s waiting for ANY answer at all! Thank You!

  3. Perhaps not fitting as a comment here, but have you thought about a subscriptino somewhere between day pass and Premium?

    Someone suggested something like a 10 hours a week subscription for the not-so-hardcore listener. 99kr is a bit too much for the casual listener like me, but the audible ads really bug me so much I would like to pay to get rid of them. Something like 50kr for a “Subscription for the casual listener” would be welcome.

  4. Since I can’t seem to figure out where to post feedback, I’ll simply go ahead and post it here.

    I’ve been using Spotify for free, at first the advertisements never bothered me.
    Now I can’t play two songs without an ad inbetween. The same ads over and over and over and over and over again…..
    This is the definition of brainwashing.

    The premium subscription is way too expensive for a service of this kind.

    So, I decided to uninstall Spotify and that’s the way it’s gonna stay. Good luck.

  5. I cannot possibly understand how you can say that it’s too expensive? You must either be extremely low on cash or very cheap.

    In sweden one month of spotify costs 99 kronor, which isn’t even enough for two beers out on the pub. I mean come on!!! It isn’t expensive..

    As long as they continue adding music and provide it in the way they do today I think it’s a really great price (as long as they don’t raise it).

  6. You can’t possibly mean that ~50 SEK for a beer is inexpensive.

    As a matter of fact, they have DELETED some of my favorite music as well.

    Here in Babylon, everyone can’t afford to pay unnecessary fees.

  7. Spotify is the best since sliced bread, I’ve been a premium user for quite some time and I never regret it. I think it’s great way to show the records companies that this is what I want and the price is really good. NOW I JUST WANT THE iPHONE APP! Please give me status on what’s happening on the iPhone front.

  8. Well, take those complains about “babylon” to your politicians, I wish the world was different too.

    But I don’t go to the pub and complain that it’s too expensive trying to make them lower there price. I just don’t buy beer there. As far as this discussion goes I will not continue it but point you to the direction where I think this feedback should be…

  9. mu: Please don’t call me this and that, you don’t know anything about me.
    I reckon the crew would appreciate knowing the reason WHY people stop using their service. I just explained my reasons.

    Take your beer metaphors to your politicians.

  10. Totally off topic I know but I can’t install Spotify on my PC because it complains that I’m trying to install with Administrator rights and it wants me to install manually.
    I don’t know how to do this ; if you can help I’d appreciate it.
    You can email me at

    Merci Bien,


  11. Spotify tip! It’s true there isn’t a shuffle option yet…but have you tried sorting your playlist by track name instead of album. For those of you that didn’t try, have a go.

    I’m getting a nice selection, and the more you add the better. Off topic, but there you go. I thought I’d share. Sharing is caring…

    I’m so lost following linked content but exploring and finding connections it’s great. addictive! Great work.

  12. formediable: There is a shuffle button down in the right corner. Next to the repeat button.

    For steering this on topic again I just want to say this is a wonderful little label with lots of great artists. My favorites are Swedish For Beginners who did an awesome gig on Arvikafestivalen this year. Recommended!

  13. oh silly me…of course… I thought it was a placeholder, maybe a bit of feedback on the rollover would help to make it more obvious… maybe i’m just having too many late nights. 🙂

  14. OT but it’s so cool how your promos end up in the history queue. LOL That is really cool!

    -Guys I know I am not posting this in the right section, but I’m just on my way out the door, and I’ll forget if I don’t do it now.

    Can we please have some kind of Suggestion / Feedback created on the website, where Users and Dev’s can bounce ideas of each other in order to create a better user experience for everyone. Being a DJ myself I have a lot of idea’s I would love to bring to the table, but I fear emailing them alone will just result in them lurking in the depths of your inbox. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this?

    Many thanks,
    Keep up the good work.

  16. when buying premium, u guys should have a field that asks the question why the user upgraded to premium so that you can maximize the number of premium users.

    for me, it was the lack of diversity in advertising.

  17. andy-v: they will update us when they know something… and if they know something now they probably cant say anything about it yet.

  18. i couldn’t really find the place to give u advices on music?
    so i guess i’ll just write it here.
    I love spotify, and i use it daily,
    but there’s one thing i have to complain about,
    u guys don’t have,

    Stephen Jerzak – which is a real famous guy, who plays the most wonderful music ever.

    Jon young- which is another famous one, with awesome songs.

    Secondhand serenade – the most wonderful songs ever.
    i do not know why u dont have em.
    but if u’d have them i’d be thrilled and tell all my friends, cuhz they think the same.

  19. It seems other people are posting song suggestions on these blog posts as well. To everyone at Spotify, me and I dare say everyone else would really appreciate a dedicated section of the website where we can share ideas, post song requests etc. Cheers guys.

  20. Whats really the point of suggesting songs or records? Suggest record labels instead! But there should really be some place for theese kinds of request to keep the blog comments on track.