Meet our new Global Head of Business Development

Faisal GalariaThe Spotify family is getting bigger and we’re delighted to welcome Faisal Galaria as our new Global Head of Business Development. Faisal brings nearly 15 years of experience from consumer internet, media, regulatory and professional services to the role and we’re excited to have him join the team.

He joins us from the great travel site Kayak where he was Managing Director, International and responsible for launching the site in nine countries. Previously Faisal was General Manager of Jaman and before that Director for Europe at a little start-up called Skype. At Spotify, he will be helping us with international expansion, building partnerships and distribution. “I am passionate about building disruptive companies,” says Faisal. “Spotify is changing the way we all enjoy music and the old paradigms of music ownership. It’s going to be fun.”

Faisal is an ex-athlete (his words, not mine) and enjoys outdoor sports especially scuba diving. Back indoors he’s an avid film fan and particularly enjoys international and festival award winning films. Welcome aboard!


  1. Istället för business development kaaanske Spotify borde satsa på lite mer generell development, typ publik API etc. Men det lär ju hända… :/

  2. Hello! Get the iPhone App here!! I’m becoming a premium member as soon as its here 😀

  3. welcome and good luck. you are heading right now the best thing ever made !!!!!!!!!!!
    by the way congratulations to all spotify team.
    your friend

  4. Music has always been a shared experience; people love to share their music collections and discover new music from each other. iTunes will fail because Apple has failed to grasp the concept of sharing music. Spotify is fantastic, it has resurrected the innocence of the shared music experience in the digital age. Good luck and thanks to the Spotify team for a great product.

  5. Faisal is just taken over from me. I’ve been the product manager of Spotify since I discover it through BBC Click. Since then I recommended it to everyone I know. Thanks guys for this great product I called it the ipod killer. saludos. Manuel

  6. @tedeji : it took SIX WEEKS to Apple to say no to google voice. I don’t expect anything from them before early september at best.

  7. Congrats on the position and I hope you do well 🙂
    I look forward to seeing how spotify progresses!

    P.S. I check this blog everyday hoping for an android release announcement!

  8. VOUCHER !
    I do not want listen the ad that comes from my coworker and would be happy to buy it a voucher sometimes.

  9. Hello guys!

    Thanks for keeping up with the postings, and hope that you’ll enjoy as much as you’ll make us enjoy, Faisal !

    Can I just be grumpy for 1 sec ? There’s been quite a few sensible options that have been asked on Spotify (mute=pause / equalizer etc..). We’re all very happy to know that there’s more music arriving to our ears, but some things we are waiting for for a few months now, and really, a mute=pause option shouldn’t take more than 2h work to any of your devs…

    I guess it is not only the function that is lacking, but certainly the fact that we expect more changes and cool things to be steady coming, and not really getting them, that is getting quite frustrating..

    I mean, guys you’re good. And you can get exceptionnal quite easily. We can understand that making deals to get the music can be a lengthy process, and we all (I’m sure) respect that.

    But for some tweaks that would make everyone happy, it’s difficult to understand.

    Please give some feedback on this ! 🙂


    A happy user that could be delighted, and that could be willing to advertise for you even more ..!

  10. Yeah Welcome
    But please be quick to developpe advertising In France, because I think if one day i meet amy mcdonald I ll kill here I cannot stand here voice anymore. I know you ll tell me to go to prenium Spotify i m thinking about it but i don’t want to do it for a bad reason (like Amy mcdonald dirving me creazy).

    Plesae move quick because free users don’t have to suffer like htis 😉

    By the way I don’t have any problem against Amy mCdonald (If you read me Amy Im sorry but it’s nothing personal);)


    A big fan and big user of spotify…

  11. Cool, Andres. Welcome and good luck, Faisal! PS. What’s with you Amy M haters? She’s a fantastic performer? You don’t like Glaswegian? Have you ever wondered what YOU sound like? We all ♥ Amy!

  12. Welcome Faisal to the revolutionary spotify :D, I hope your impressive history can assist in expanding and developing spotify.

  13. How about making an app for the PlayStation 3 and maybe the PSP? That would be awsome if you could do something like that! Also that iPhone app could make me go premium ^^

  14. I’ll go premium if the iphone app goes ahead..doubt it though…Apple are stuffed either way…ha ha.

  15. Well this is disruptive – I’ve done noting but listen to music since I signed up! – keep it going faisal and ll at spotify!

  16. not a reply,rather a “well done boys”. Maybe Faisal could develope some influence on the price tag for mp3 downloaders?!

  17. Welcome Faisal, kayak is also a great site, so i guess this is good news for all of us.
    Now how about getting rid of country restrictions and a win mobile/iphone client?
    And then just watch how the amount of premium members will skyrocket..

  18. Hi and welcome Faisal ! I am happy to listen all this music in spotify,but some catalan musics aren’t yet in the program…I waiting for Joan Miquel oliver and his last work Bombón mallorquín,in spite of this, spotify has lot of ormation about bands and artits,well job boys !!!

  19. Mute cetrainly = pause, but only during the ads 😉

    And yes, the ads are getting ridiculous. Even if I at some point concidered purchasing something, I will be reminded to purchase it 4 times before I get out the door. That kinda kills it for me…

  20. I have recently bought a new iMac and had spotify on my macbook so i am familiar with the software,
    however my playlists are no where to be seen on my new iMac and i am continually met with an error message of .. “Could not synchronize playlists . Retrying…” i have logged in as a friend and his playlists came up instantly, why wont mine ? i can still view them from my spotify on my macbook but not on my imac !! i find this highly frustrating, i was considering upgrading to premium but due to this account of spotify i think i shall be sticking with itunes, whoever would still like this problem fixed !