The Invisible Festival


I wanted to let you know about another festival taking place this weekend which is a little different than anything we’ve seen in the past. The Invisible Festival is the world’s only 100% mud free, crowd-free, rain-free, tout-free, queue-free, free-free virtual festival. They’ll be providing users with a number of different playlists over the weekend to party with, the only ticket you need is Spotify.

It’s all for a good cause as they are supporting Cancer Research UK so head over to their website for all the details.


  1. It’s really sad that, whatever reason, Dylan has been removed.

    I love Dylan, but I would never buy a Dylan CD. This will only mean that I will stop listening to him.

    In these cases when a popular artist is removed it would be great if you could as an consumer be able to help Spotify to put pressure on the recordcompanies or something…