Grolsch Block Party in Stockholm

grolschblock.jpgOn August 21st there’s a mini-festival going on in Stockholm that I wanted to let you know about.

The Grolsch Block Party has been set up to support independent artists and alternative music in Sweden. The festival groups together a number of different bars and restaurants on Skånegatan for a night of great music.

There’s a whole bunch of great acts performing such as Montt Mardié and Dmitry Fyodorov, for all the details check out the official website and prepare yourself for a great night of music. See you there!


  1. I hope this was your last post about such festival. I strongely disagree with your opionion, is very sadly that Spotify is promoting heavy alcohol parties, they are a source of many peoples worses in their life.
    Let the focus go on better things. Or is this an “hidden” ads, you’ve got paid from the festival arrangers when you posting this? Please have a policy about this.

  2. @drsounds – What we’re really trying to promote is independent music, which is important to us. While the main sponsor of this event may be a company you don’t agree with we want to focus on the great bands and up and coming artists that are a part of the festival.

  3. oh my, luckily it’s not a Disney or some retard parental guided forum here 🙂
    the only time I was traumatised about beer was when I discovered Budweiser lite in U.S., I swear I already drank water heavier than that thing…

    for my part, that Daniel Lindström spotify ad is much worse for my brain cells & liver than all beers in the world 😀

  4. Welcome to Sweden, we love alcohol 🙂 Maybe there’s a christian festival around the corner that the others could attend?

  5. @andres it’s good that you promote independent music, but I the problem I see is that it’s event with much alcohol.

  6. @drsounds
    Relax a bit. If I’m not misinformed Grolsch is a beer brand. Most partys and concerts involve drinking a couple of beers, hell I even open a beer when listening to music at home…

    If you only listen to live music at partys, bars and clubs where no alcohol is served I guess you’re not seeing many live bands at all…

    As I see it it’s great that Spotify informs about live independent music. If it’s a problem for you that beer is served at the party, just don’t attend it.

  7. @drsounds

    I completely agree. However you must understand that with Spotify’s heavy promotion of Daniel Lindström, a little alcohol is very much needed.

    It’s science…

  8. Now I see a post about the invisible festival dated 09:00 today. Am I surfing on cached internetz or was it antedated?

  9. I was going to leave my own opinions about this pseudo-debacle but it seems the good Doctor Sounds is holding all commenters hostage. Gee. It’s like if you drink any alcohol at all you’re a BAD PERSON. I mean like OMG LOL WTF. Did someone already tell the quack to get a life?

    PS. Agree with opinion of Budweiser. But think it’s closer to club soda except club soda definitely has more taste and kick.

    I suggest all those who think Andres and the Spotify crew are in some way ‘depraved’ hang out at the invisible festival instead. Maybe they’ll have an Invisible Hyde Park Corner with invisible orange crates they can stand on. 😉

  10. Great; wish U great fun 🙂
    now we hope the festival will come down here to Lund & Malmö later so that we to can too 🙂 non?

  11. That festival ad is really distasteful though. I don’t want to hear some moron going TJO SVENNE TJA SVENNE in my metal listening. In real life I’d smack him silly. Should be ads that have something related to music tastes. Enough of this wannabe Gfunk wanksta crap and nintendo blipp blipp music.

  12. as i see it ,,it can be a problem pelope drinking way too mucht acohol can go nuts