Some new Spotify community sites

It’s been a little while since I last highlighted some of the community sites built around Spotify. Lots of new ones have appeared and some significant improvements have been made to existing sites so here’s a short list of a few recent sites.

  • We Are Hunted have created a dedicated Spotify chart with top tracks and artists. Another neat feature is the constantly changing playlist of the 99 hottest songs in the world right now.
  • Share My Playlists have done a major new release incorporating all sorts of cool social features.
  • Spotify Mac Remote lets you control Spotify using the remote that came with your Mac.
  • FoxyTunes has added Spotify support to their application.
  • SpotifiTunes is a tool that allows you to take your iTunes library and create Spotify links for your music collection.

If you’ve created a Spotify related website or tool that we haven’t seen let us know – post your site in the comments and we’ll check it out.


  1. Hi Spotify, I found an error. The song ‘Take A Picture’ by Filter is incorrect, the second song on ‘The Girl Next Door’ soundtrack is the correct song for the above mentioned track, which is ‘Something In The Air’ by Thunderclap Newman.