1. @andreas
    Hi. I told you the other day about that I was not hearing any advertisment even thou I don’t have premium. Now it’s gone again and this time I have updated my Spotify.
    Windows XP SP3. Behind proxy in Sweden

  2. Pity there’s not Florence & the Machine. Assume you haven’t signed that label yet?

  3. @ajm03u – We hope to have it soon, the label hasn’t sent it to us for the UK yet.

  4. The one band on the shortlist I really did want to hear was The Invisible – I presume their label, Accidental, is not yet on Spotify?

  5. Florence & the Machine is on Spotify. Atleast in Sweden, it’s tho it’s tagged as Florence + the Machine. You should add it to the list.

  6. My favorite nominee is Kasabian’s West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum: a nice solid album. I would have included Gomez’s “A New Tide” and Manic Street Preachers’ “Journal for Plague Lovers”.


  7. Please add the tribute to MJ “Better on the other side – The game, Stamp the ground – Italobrothers and Sagoland – Medina!


  8. There is one good song that you must add to spotify!

    !!!!!!!!!!! Nada Surf – If You Leave !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It was only 4 days ago I commented about there being no Florence + The Machine….and now it’s there! Great turnaround time guys, I’m amazed!

  10. Is Lisa Hannigan’s nominated album “Sea Sew” available on Spotify yet? I’ve been checking for the past few days in anticipation!