Hints & Tips – History tab

Today’s tip might help if you’ve been listening to a new playlist on random and aren’t sure what the last song was or an ad played and you didn’t open Spotify fast enough to click the banner. We have a history tab in Spotify that allows you to see a listing of everything that you’ve listened to in a current session.


To see the history of your current session head to the Play queue page, then click on the History tab. There you will see all the tracks and ads that have played since you last started Spotify and you can click on any of them to play over again.


  1. Nice, didn’t know this existed. This will be really helpful!

    Some small suggestions (nothing really useful but they would be fun!)

    * Total playtime, like in the playlists.
    * The time the song was played, so you can go back and see what you listened to during the day.

    As I said, mostly minor additions… 🙂

  2. Hehe, I was just showing this feature to a friend yesterday!

    The one big annoyance is that it doesn’t retain the history between sessions. So if you switch off your computer overnight, there’s no way to get back to the history from the previous day.

    If you could make it so that the History tab displayed the last 500 songs played, regardless of time, and (as crickett said) the time that it was played, this would be immensely useful.

  3. I already saw that, but I wish it kept the record a longer time…

    For instance, I remember this party, a friend told me to play a record he knew, some fusion between jazz and hip-hop… it was great!

    The morning after, I couldn’t remember… went to Spotify… it was gone! what a shame 😦

  4. Does anyone remember a dance tune a few years ago which was in the Discos in rural France and was also played in UK, problem is I can’t remember the title or artist! The only clue which keeps running through my head is a french phrase repeated in it, sounded something like “en cool en fra” Any ideas so I can search Spotify for it?

  5. Wrong forum, but don’t know where else to write it.

    I noticed that my client has updated itself again (0.3.18). Good.
    But I would like to know what’s new for each version.

    I see that the icon marking which song you are currentlty listening to has been changed.
    What else?

  6. I can agree with morbovlad. Better changelogs would be appreciated! Also, if the blog is updated, it would be good if this is visible from the client. I almost missed the higher bitrate news for premium users when you announced it!

  7. A problem with the History tab is that songs played are listed in reverse order WRT the order in which they were played. This is a problem because sometimes you decide that the songs you’ve played over the last hour or so would make a good playlist, but when you mark them and choose “Save to” and “New playlist”, then they end up in reverse order to the original one.

  8. @pfe17: I fail to see how that is a problem, unless you never shuffle your lists and always must have the songs in a specific order. It’s great that they are listed in reverse order, it is more easier to see what you just listened to.

  9. If you want Spotify to remember your history over numerous sessions, I suppose you could just select all the songs in the History Tab and add them to a new playlist.

  10. What spotify lacks is: -a friends system (where you can watch your friends lists, see what they are listening to and so on)
    -arrangement option on your own lists so that you can range them after popularity.
    -fix labelsearch

    A friends system is SORELY needed

  11. Keyboard shortcut?

    I would be great to have a shortcut to access the history tab, something like ctrl-h or ctrl-shift-h like in a browser.
    This would be much faster than scroll with the mouse, click on ‘play queue’ and then only click on the ‘history’ tab.

    Thank you! 🙂

  12. Ownr_alex: that sounds great! Never thought of that before but thinking about it it would be a brilliant idea!

    It would also be cool if you could see music videos on Spotify, but I doubt that will come any time soon.

  13. To add on to what was said earlier, how about a timestamp on every play and a sort by time played option – best of both worlds from above.

  14. Nothing seems to work, I am most disappointed as I thought I had found the epitomy of music deliverence, but now Nothing works.

  15. Why don’t more people link Spotify up with Last.FM then they could see any track they have played at any time, along with loads of other stats.

    Signup at Last.FM then add your login details to Spotify. Maybe this should be a tip on the blog?

  16. Is there a way to lock and unlock a personal playlist? I do see an open ‘lock’ symbol in the upper right-hand corner of my playlist, but it is inactive: no way to open or close it by clicking. It would be a good feature and would prevent accidentally deleting a carefully-chosen playlist that one has created over a period of time.

  17. Using different computers, it would be GREAT if the history would also be saved not only between sessions but also between PCs. Why they are not recorded in my account here, in the web?

  18. First of all Spotify is awsome. What’s lacking is the possibility to add lyrics to songs that I like. That would be really grate. In that way You can have a Karaoke night with friends and family by using the outstandig music library of Spotify. There is a favorit song for all.

    Well thats what i had in my mind.

  19. I agree with most comments on here, last weekend had a brilliant house party I put spotify in to full swing. Apart from the adverts which I understand completely it was working a dream. There must have been 100+ songs played it was epic. I then went on the day after and the history was gone 😥 I could’ve cried.
    What I would like is an option that the history is automatically added to a playlist and renamed for example “05.10.09” then its up to the user to save this within a 5day window.
    Anyway enough of this, i love spotify great job you crazy swede’s.

  20. Hehe, it’s a great program indeed.

    Jag tackar och bockar ni svenskar som uppfann det!

    To topic again, I recently listen to a great and well known band that was really good, think it was like Pop or something like that, pop/rock whatever..

    But now I have forgot the name 😦 I would love if Spotify stores atleast the Bands/Artists you have listened to for quite a while, (1 Month or something?)

  21. Is there any way of accessing history data through the API?

    great job with spotify 🙂

  22. 1 year ago antoined said:
    I already saw that, but I wish it kept the record a longer time…

    For instance, I remember this party, a friend told me to play a record he knew, some fusion between jazz and hip-hop… it was great!

    The morning after, I couldn’t remember… went to Spotify… it was gone! what a shame 😦


  23. Yeah – please make the history section available

    I’d buy loads more music from nights in with mates – all putting in different tracks, then it’s gone in the morning… real shame.

    Ta, Liam

  24. WHOO – this is so great

    unfortunaltely its only of your sesion, make it available for all sessions

  25. Please make the history available between sessions. There are songs that I discovered on Spotify, then forgot what they were. It is a much needed feature!

  26. Yes I agree that it should maintain the last 500 songs played, between sessions. And this should extend to the mobile application (iphone) – either making the history option available on the iphone version or else recording the history with the online account and showing it within the main application.