Win a Spotify Premium subscription courtesy of Fiat


We wanted to let you know about a little promotion that our good friends over at Fiat are running for the next four weeks in the UK. Fiat has put together the 500C feelgood playlist to collect the best summer tunes out there and they need your help extending the list.

Head over the the Fiat’s 500C site and submit your favorite feel good track and be entered to win a Spotify Premium account of your own. Once you’ve added to the list sit back and listen to it grow.


  1. hi
    I’ve bought five albums now since starting to use spotify. When normally Im not much of a music buyer bought them all from amazon.
    So many Thanks.

  2. if fyctice had bothered to read the terms and conditions he/she/it would now that “This promotion is only open to UK residents aged 18 or over and excludes employees of the Promoter and its subsidiaries or agents, and their families, or anyone associated with this promotion, including Spotify employees.”

  3. The playlist works fine for me, although there are a few tracks unavailable in the UK (which once again puts the record label’s arcane licensing restrictions in the headlights).

    I really like the embedded playlist graphic, title, and description btw. How can I add this to my own playlists?

  4. Hmm..Have i missed out on something? I see this playlist has cover art and info about playlist. How do I add this on mine?

  5. Adding graphics and descriptions to playlists is not something that users can do at the moment.

  6. O.k Thanks for fast reply, Im looking forward to something like that tho

  7. Andres posted the URL in the main post. Here’s the HTTP equivalent:

    [ thanks for reply Andres: expected as much, mostly I just wanted to see what a green comment looked like :p ]

  8. Norz – to let the winners know, but also:

    “The Promoter will use personal data collected: […] with the user consensus, to send you future Fiat 500C information and updates from the Fiat Group Automobiles you might be interested in”

    …so, to send you junk texts. From what I can see in Fiat’s T&Cs, ‘user consensus’ seems to pretty much mean “for anyone who enters”. So: it’s a nice idea, but expect to be interrupted by some texts on your mobile.

  9. Feelgood Chris

    Hi I actually manage the playlist i hope everyone is enjoying it. All the requests have been great so people need to keep them coming, I want more, more, more! so if you need the link here it is, You should also follow us on Twitter, just search for 500cplaylist.

    Feelgood Chris, FIAT UK

    Fiat 500C Feelgood Playlist Manager, And Summer Tune Guy

  10. an excellent playlist!

    One thing, can you play Spotify though the Fiat blue&me system?