Music catalogue updated with 17,688 releases

We’ve update our catalogue twice this week but I haven’t had a chance to post the additions yet so here we go. We’ve added 1,345 albums and singles so far this week, in total 17,688 new tracks are now available.

A few highlights include:

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.


  1. “UK band Florence + The Machine’s album not available in the UK. :(” – How ridiculous/annoying is that??

  2. @4n70n: Because ac/dc are retarded, and it’s much the same reason as to why they’re not on iTunes.
    They *hate* it when people can chose to buy or listen to just a single song rather than the album on which it was released.

    It’s retarded as hell, but there’s nothing anyone can do about it 😦

  3. The uk seems to be suffering when it comes to big new releases by uk acts first la roux now florence and the machine

  4. deberian poner mas canciones de porta y añadir las canciones must add more songs of porta and add the songs of anime(no is a group).

  5. I like what you do, Spotify. One band I think you guys should add is AC/DC! I have noticed some of the songs not being available on collaborative albums too. Having trouble with the record companies?

  6. It’s cool that you guys have the new Rome EP (not the RNB one, the neofolk from Luxembourg), it probably means you’ll have the album too!

  7. awesome, is it more advertisement now than before? (I think so)… time to buy premium :O

  8. Great to see a Beatles song in this update:



  9. I’m waiting when the Metallica will arrive to Spotify…Im waiting. Anyway great job for the crew.

  10. La Roux’s album was released in the UK last week. Lungs by Florence + The Machine was released in the UK this week. What is the point in adding them when most of their fans live in the UK but we can’t listen to them? They have been released in shops in this country!

  11. It appears that some music is also removed from the catalogue. Is there any chance you could list this?

  12. Cant belive that you cant listen to Florence, it doesnt make sense that your able to listen to other music from the exact same record label.

  13. Thank you to the creators/producers of Spotify. It’s one of the best things that ever happened to internet music media technology! Thank you very much Spotify!!

  14. If I wanted to buy an AC/DC cd what to stop me programming it to play only one song over & over & over & over….

  15. Spotify is great, but is there any chance you could add some songs by Robert Pattinson (e.g. Never Think) and some of the tracks from Donnie Darko (e.g. Waltz in the 4th Dimension)? Thanks, if you did i would actually love it 🙂

  16. Appreciate the need for paid adverts, but why have those real annoying phone in messages? Is it just to annoy us and so encourage subscriptions? Other than that, great service.

  17. Nice to see the latest Jackie-O Motherfucker CD Ballads of the Revolution, there best yet, float away for a day, big thank you Spotify

  18. I wish to hear more rare movie soundtracks – like Hardware (1990) by Simon Boswell.

  19. Great update, just sorry that there is so many “This album is currently not available in Sweden”

  20. I want to listen “La casa azul”, a spanish group on spotify. Pleasee ^^ (sorry for my english, I’m spanish)

  21. The Florence + The Machine is not available simply because they don’t want the availabilty of the album to eat into their first couple of weeks sale figures.

    ‘The Duckworth/Lewis Method’ and ‘Major Lazer’ where originally not available in the UK but now are a couple of weeks after their releases.

    Plus the album ‘Music from the North Country: The Jayhawks Anthology’ by The Jayhawks isn’t available as an album despite every song except the 2nd one on the album already being available on spotify to assemble into a playlist.

    They (Sony Legacy) want to get The Jayhawks Anthology the best chance at getting the most sales (which i’m guessing) is in the first couple of weeks in the market which has the best chance of getting those sales (The UK).

    The Same thing applies to Flo and the Machine. At the end of the day it’s up to the record company when spotify releases it in certain markets.

  22. y arent the michael jackson tribute from the game in spotify plz put in in!! and some new songs to

  23. Hi
    This is not on-topic but I must have an answer.
    Is it supposed to be an advertisement each 15min(3songs)? It’s almost like a classic radio only the difference is that I can chose my own music.
    And a lot of the times the advertisement repeats itself. Specially the spotify advertisement.

  24. Hi Spotify,

    Think what you’re doing is awesome, however there’s a very limited selection of dance / trance music. With Global Gathering coming up I could do with a good range of Tiesto/Armin Van Buuren and the like to get me in the mood…

    Love you x

  25. Another tought on the advertisments, at least in the swedish version the volume of the ads are severly higher than the music output volume. Which is extremely annoying, especially when You are listening in head phones. And if you lower the volume the bastad ad will pause until you raise it again. I guess it is to make me buy premium right? Sigh.

  26. it would be nice with some music from led zeppelin and more songs from the smiths!

  27. I really miss 2 songs from my favorite bands dope- I’m back and Drowning pool- Bodies 😦 both of em are one of their most famous songs so it would be awsome if u could get them.
    And u completly missed the band Nomy! :O Can’t believe it, u should really get it 🙂

  28. you have dona a big error with dope. you have placed an other band together with dope, thay are called the dope and it’s an other band.Group Therapy and American Apathy are the 2 albums from dope that you havent. Deaf and blind but with a smile, time to, those albums have the dope done.

  29. I’d like to make a suggestion.

    Currently, the 80’s band The Alarm has a (IRS) tag after the group name, being IRS the label they were on.

    Similarly, another tag (SWE, perhaps?) should be attached to the now departed swedish outfit The Kooks, in order to separate them from the more famous UK band.


  30. Lovely lovely spotfiy, but you have to add Darren Bailie – Protect Your Mind 2009 (video mix) PLEASE 😀

  31. The bands i miss is The Beatles, AC/DC and Svenska Akademien. Why arent any of those band available?

  32. add songs with robert pattinson (ex. never think & let me sign) big thank you Spotify!