Spotify Premium UK – Matter club tickets

Today we’ve got a contest for Spotify Premium users in the UK. We’ve hooked up with Matter club in London to hand out some concert tickets. We have two pairs of tickets for the following concerts:

If you’re a premium subscriber and interested in attending one of the shows leave a comment here on the blog, along with the show you’d like to see, and we’ll start picking winners shortly. For more details about the show visit the official Matter site.


  1. Sounds good ppl, love to see the – July 4th – Circus w/ V V Brown, Kissy Sell Out, Siouxsie (DJ set)

  2. now the web is avalaible in English and French but what’s up with the spanish?

  3. ANY tickets PLZ ! 🙂

    btw – i won some cds from the questionnaires a while ago, and havent received em yet. im not complaining, just wondering when its gonna happen!?

    some more premium suggestions from me:!
    – in the tray icon right click popup, could we have playlists flyout in there?
    – different colour login screen for premium users? or some visual thing apart from the titlebar
    – premium area on the left bar which shows premium content only
    – deperately need some way to organise out playlists, folders, breaks or something.
    – a way to select what kind of groups show on an artist page. sometimes i dont want to see compilations and singles, just someones’ albums for example. tick boxes to turn on/off for albums, singles, compilations would be great.
    – a way to see how many people have your playlist

    thanks and keep up the great work!

  4. Excellent! I’m not a premium user but its nice to see your getting involved with matter and other uk stuff! Matter is pretty cool, a bit car park-like mind, no where comfy to sit, but have had some very memorable and wobbly nights out there!

  5. What about a visual dimension ???? putting some tv material up on a screen maybe edit it in time with music and put some small ads on the visual.


  6. 17th of July for me.. whoooo, what a good line up!
    Wish I’d been on the ball before hand and booked myself some tickets..

  7. I love you Spotify, you answer my music questions in all ramifications, even gospel 🙂 I am so amazed to find Nigerian music too. Love ya

  8. Loving the sheer scope of choice, especially allowing me to check out jazz artistes to find out what I like without buying. Beats getting dusty cds from a library.

  9. Ladytron would be awesome if tickets are still available? Hope I’m not too late on this one!

  10. Love to see cocoon. Great stuff. I’m leaving UK in two weeks and it would be a nice gesture. Beside not sure if I can use Spotify in Australia, and if not will miss it so much…

  11. yesss pleasee! i would absolutley adore to go on the 17th pleaseee! ladytron would be amazing! xxx

  12. I don’t know anything about ladytron. But please, spotify, keep going. I’m 69, and you keep me hanging on. You are the best thing that’s ever happened. Now I can listen to Billy Fury all the time.

  13. hi i think spotify is the best music player in the world becasue me you tube doesnt work ive got 302 trks

  14. hi i love spotify is got load of music and the best music in world it is better than youtube