Record Union now uploading to Spotify

recordunion.pngWe’re pleased to let you know that we’ve stuck a deal with global digital distribution service Record Union to add their work to our growing catalogue.

Record Union is a fully online service, with all distribution delivered directly from its website, Record Union offers artists simple music distribution, helping to overcome many of the barriers that have previously existed within digital distribution.

Both Spotify and Record Union are committed to supporting artists around the world by helping them distribute their music online. Yesterdays music update contained the first deliveries from Record Union and we will continue to get music from them on an ongoing basis.

So, if you’re an artist and have been looking for a way to get your music onto Spotify now you can check out Record Union.


  1. Great news! Perhaps a similar deal could be struck with Artists Without Labels (AWL)?

  2. @gondwana – Yes, we have similar arrangements with Ditto Music and CDBaby as ways for independent artists to get music on Spotify.

  3. good, now the only big(gest?) name missing in “independant distribution” is tunecore. Is there something planned with them by any chance ?

  4. Thats really nice because then one can listen to new great swedish band Killer Clan of FUN when its done with Record Union

  5. they got a new customer πŸ™‚ ME! πŸ˜€
    After I have joind Recod Union, bought a UPC-code and made my cd, how long does it take for it to come up on Spotify? πŸ™‚

  6. Nice, now the only thing that is missing is an Official Iphone Client, then Im spotified with premium πŸ™‚

  7. So how much does a stream on Spotify pay roughly? Lala (service in the US) pays about 0,0006 dollar per stream.

  8. Is it normal to have advertising every 4 or 5 songs ? This is not the best way to make me pay the premium access. I’ll go back to Deezer or Jiwa… Hope you could hear my comment.

  9. Cool addition. Spotify is superb, but since the last update, the “label search” ad is driving me crazy. One week ago I had interruptions only every now and then with one advertisement, now it seems like every 4 or 5 songs there’s an interuption, for advertisements or reminders to acquire a premium account or this how to for the label search. Way too much, it turns the wonderful experience of spotify into something irritating.

    Thanks for reading.

  10. Hey guys, now when you’re so famous, please give us the opportunity to listen to some Porcupine Tree, album: Signify. UPLOAD IT NOW!!! thanks.

  11. can you upload Tarja Turunen? its abit annoying how you can get Nightwish and not Tarja, because in my opinion Tarja is better.

  12. what are the chances to get on to spotify? are all the members at Record Union welcome or do you listen to the music first and then decide who can be on spofity?

  13. so, i uploaded a song to about a week ago, will it be on spotify in a couple of weeks too? πŸ™‚

  14. Hey guys!
    Use this A&R-code to get 2 free UPC-codes (worth $20) when signing up on Record Union!


    Good luck!