Spotify Premium, Stop the world

We have a number of pre-releases today for premium subscribers.


The Irish band, The Blizzards, have been touring heavily since their second album, Domino Effect was released last year. Today we have an exclusive Live Spotify Session, recorded just for us at a special studio gig in London. Spotify Premium users in the UK can listen to the session as a teaser for their forthcoming album.


In Sweden and Norway premium users can listen to the new album from R&B artist Maxwell. The much anticipated album, BLACKsummers’night, is his first studio release since 2001 and now available on Spotify.


For premium users in Spain we have the latest album from the Grammy winning singer Bebe. Her new release, Y., is out at the end of the month but premium subscriber can hear it on Spotify first.


  1. would be nice if there was a section with all the premium stuff, or a way to tell what you’r getting over a standard free account 🙂

  2. I have some songrequests.
    1. Suck My Dick – DJ Jungle
    2. Face Down Ass Up – DJ Isaac
    3. Övningsköra – Slagsmålsklubben
    4. The Original Soundtrack of Sweeny Todd
    5. The Original Soundtrack of Juno (!)

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  3. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but would it be possible for you to add a “show live performances” tickbox somewhere? I love the fact that I can, for example, just search Joe Satriani and get a bazillion songs but I’d like to sort out all the live performances and listen only to studio quality stuff. It’s also bothering me that in most songs, the live version is the “first one” and you have to click the down arrow and pick the studio version.
    I hope I’m making sense haha

  4. verry nice music and more i hop more music come in her
    i lisning every day spotify is the best

  5. Great, could you add the lyrics for the songs integrated in the software? (somehow like “Lyrics Plugin” for WMP).
    It would make Spotify the perfect music application.

  6. There is a lot of audio tips since the last days. I’m ok with hearing advertisements since i’m not a premium user but these audio tips are really annoying. Hearing the same tips 4 or 5 times in an hour, it’s really, really boring. Please allow us to switch off these tips….

  7. ADD THE LABEL ED BANGER AND THEIR RELEASES! They are huge around the world, it would be much appreciated by thousands!

  8. Si, por fin!! Una exclusiva para los usuarios premium en España, seguid asi Spotify!!

    Yes, cool!! An exclusive for premium users on Spain, keep on like this!!!

  9. i repeat!

    there needs to be a section for all premium content…

    also we need play list organisation
    e.g. collapsable folders, line breaks, something like that. im having to put spaces, dashes etc to make my lists look less confusing

    also how about a suggestions area on the site !? 🙂

    but keep up the great work. you guys are awesome

  10. Hi!

    can you fix an equalizer on spotify?:)

    And can you fix AC/DC songs to? 🙂


  11. The ads are driving me slowly but surley insane. You only have five or so ad messages that you run over and over again. Sometimes you are repating the same ad played right after it has finished.

  12. to be honest, (before i upgraded) the ads didnt bother me THAT much… i never heard 1 played over twice.
    since the ads are “tailored” to the genres/artists you listen to, have you considered you”r listening to the wrong kind of music ?
    😉 LOL

  13. burkestreet: In my top 10 played tracks, and possibly top 100, you will find nothing but metalcore, death metal and hard rock, still the only adverts i hear are for Tomas Ledin,, spotify tips on how to share, and spotify reassuring me that the only way out it to buy premium.

    What’s bumping up the ad frequency ten times the past week? It never was a hassle before, now it’s becoming quite the nuiscance, to be quite honest.

  14. Why isnt BLACKsummers’night working???? I bought premium just to listen to that album!

  15. What about a visual dimension ???? putting some tv material up on a screen maybe edit it in time with music and put some small ads on the visual.


  16. Por favor…Pueden enviar esto en idioma Español? yo no soy inglesa soy Española!Gracias.