Spotify 0.3.17

We’ve recently released Spotify 0.3.17 which adds high quality streaming for premium users. We’ve also included some additional details to the playlists so you can see the total length of the list as well as easily see if you can edit it or not.



  1. A welcome feature, but a pretty ugly implementation UI wise. 😦
    It kind of ruins the otherwise very clean and stylish appearance of Spotify.

    I would make the font of the header slightly smaller, and the lock icon definitely ought to be monochrome (and not in mock-3d) to better fit in with the style of the rest of the GUI.

    Also, displaying the playlist length in a decimal representation is a little odd. Why not “## days, ## hours, ## minutes and ## seconds”?

  2. Hi! Love spotify, but are there any way of knowing how many users currently collaborating on a playlist?

  3. nice. like the new features.
    but im afraid i have to agree that the “5.7 hours” thing is a bit lame though. why not “5 hours 45 minutes”?

    seems i’ve lost album art on playing tracks now (bottom left corner)

  4. Great, but please can we have a bit more control over collab playlists – like being able to stop being deleting tracks, or limit the amount they add. what would exceptionally handy is being told which user submitted which track.

  5. Wonderful, the lenght of the playlist is an awesome addition! Thank you!

    Any plans on implementing dynamic playlists (or saved searches) and ratings for songs? Also, wiki-style history for playlists would be a really cool feature.

  6. No one likes pop up ads (The HMV ad just to name one), so why have these been implemented in this new build of Spotify?

    Way to ruin Spotify guys 😦

  7. I can’t see why it should be necessary to scroll to the top of the playlist to be able to see this info.

    And please, there’s a huge need for some type of system with folders for sorting playlists. Now there’s just a mess of different lists.

  8. yes that reminded me of a suggestion i have

    folders/groups and line breaks are needed in the playlist list…

    fyi, my album art pics came back after restart ;S

  9. Nice Feature:P But The “Lock-Icon” Is Ugly! Make A 2D white 1 Like All The Other Icons In Spotify ty =)And Make The “Length” Feature say: 1h 30m 40s (etc) instead ^^

    Can’t wait for the iPhone app cya =)

  10. You also add a lot of advertisement!!!
    What WAS so nice with Spotify was the small part of it before.
    Now you”re becoming as interesting as Deezer… too bad…

  11. i dont think adverts have increased. im in uk.
    but i dont like the pop up ads at all.

  12. Good new features. Even better if they were accessable even for blind peoples with screenreaders. Preferences is not useful at all. The size and total time of playlists works only for small playlists.

  13. I scrolled a large playlist to the end of the playlist and back again. Then size and total time of the playlist worked even for me.

  14. Yes, it is very ugly UI-wise. And god, so many ads after this upgrade, i’m considering download mp3s myself now.

  15. I’m not getting this update on Mac, and there’s no info on that here either. 😦

  16. How do we get the total time now, becuase the new update i can’t find it. I need to know how long my playlist is!