Spotify Premium UK – Everything Is New

jack-penate.pngThe indie sensation, Jack Peñate, has been hard at work after his debut album, Matinée, stormed the charts in 2007. His brand new release, Everything Is New, is out on June 22nd but starting today Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK can listen to it in its entirety.

To get a taste of the new album check out the single, Tonight’s Today, then head over and register a premium account to listen to the full album.


  1. Perhaps because we7 sucks big time?

    Since when is the Spotify blog a spam forum for we7? Get a grip lads.

  2. This is totally off-topic.
    But why is System of a down – Kill Rock’n’Roll censored?

    Is it the labels or Spotifys choice to do this?
    Please answer

  3. @tysonsw – There should be an explicit version as well. Use the drop down arrows to the right of the album to see all versions.

  4. I want Madonnas song “American Pie”, I really miss that song on Spotify since like all her other songs are there, except that one… :(.

    Else I love Spotify, thanks guys love ya! XO

  5. is there any chance of gettin some more grime… you have garage but i like mainstream grime like Ghetto and Bashy people like that..

  6. @andreas – I can’t see anykind of that button.
    And for some strange reason the SOAD artist info is VERY wide.
    But I don’t see any button

  7. @fewmanchu – I have checked for that one. But it does not exit. Look for yourself. System of a Down – Kill Rock’n’Roll. Only ONE (1) version. And it is censored

  8. I want it on non-premium, does any1 know how to get it pleez reply coz i am desperte

  9. Jack Peñate is so great.. BIG LOVE ON HIM!
    Cant wait to hear more of him 🙂

  10. hi! i have looked for the singer “Nomy” but can´t find him. Can you please add him ?