Hints & Tips – Link to a specific track time

Here’s a little feature that you may not know about. You can link directly to a specific time in a track by adding, for example “#1:31” to the end of a URI, where 1:31 is the time you want to link to. Just a note that this feature only works with Spotify URIs, HTTP links do not support it.

Here’s a full example,

will link to what I think is the best part of this song.

So if you’ve ever wanted to send your friend a track so he could hear only the great guitar riff or fabulous chorus, now you can.

Update: As I’ve mentioned earlier, you learn something new every day. A user points out in the comments that this feature does work with HTTP links if you use “%23” in place of the “#” symbol. So my example would look like this: http://www.spotify.com/track/2QO8cnnFW6khDuAuUAySeV%233:04. Thanks for the tip ditech!


  1. Great tip Andres, exactly the kind of Spotify hidden feature I love to hear about!

  2. Nice, but what about some buttons for link formatting. It’s hard to remember all functions. Both remembering that the functions are there, and remembering the different codes that we need to type.

    There is a need for more buttons in searching also, with the similar problem of remembering both that the functions is availible and the codes needed to be typed.

  3. Yes, an advanced search or right click menu when copying a link would be very helpful.

  4. I knew it was possible! I think I saw a blogpost with a link like that some months ago, but I couldn’t find it yesterday. Well, now I know how to do 🙂

  5. Another great use for this: albums with hidden tracks. Rather than having to fast-forward the silence at the end of an album track, you can jump straight to the hidden track!

    For instance, one of my favourite hidden tracks:

  6. Hey, it is possible to link to a specific time even for a http link. Just replace “#” with “%23”. For example:

    for the track “spotify:track:1qBTQ8nKjUyielOZoOuPyv”, you can use

    instead of


    to get to the best part 🙂

  7. Good news but I feel you should take a look at your sharing infrastructure – it’s quite easy to abuse. For example I have set up a web server which serves a javascript page that checks a text file for any new spotify URIs and then redirects a frame to that link, with any web browser set to automatically play the song I can control the songs people play remotely.
    I’ve tested this out in a real life situation by using active desktop and I have full control to play any song I wish and now at any point I wish whenever I wish provided the computer is on.

  8. Nice stuff and all. But here is one complaint: It seems like spotify can’t remember my L:P (login:password) to last.fm. Every third or fourth week I have to re-type it. Kinda irritating.

    Best Regards
    Paying Member

  9. i wish spotify would release an api soon so that it can be used with Squeezebox and similar hardware.. NOW thats something i would be willing to pay Premium for! i dont mind the commercials.

    nice new feature btw

  10. Nice feature. However, I am wondering why there isn’t a complete, easy-to-access, reference guide for such features (genre search etc) on this website?

  11. Just a quick heads-up: neither of the time links seem to work with the new Windows Spotify preview, and the HTML links no longer want to open at all, it seems.

  12. I still wish I could add a duration to that link, as in
    That would start 3:04 into the track an just play for 10 seconds.

    How about that?


  13. Howcome it says “19 responses to “Hints & Tips – Link to a specific track time”” (well, 20 now including mine, I guess) above, and I can’t see a single response?