Hints & Tips – Link to a specific track time

Here’s a little feature that you may not know about. You can link directly to a specific time in a track by adding, for example “#1:31” to the end of a URI, where 1:31 is the time you want to link to. Just a note that this feature only works with Spotify URIs, HTTP links do not support it.

Here’s a full example, spotify:track:2QO8cnnFW6khDuAuUAySeV#3:04 will link to what I think is the best part of this song.

So if you’ve ever wanted to send your friend a track so he could hear only the great guitar riff or fabulous chorus, now you can.

Update: As I’ve mentioned earlier, you learn something new every day. A user points out in the comments that this feature does work with HTTP links if you use “%23” in place of the “#” symbol. So my example would look like this: http://www.spotify.com/track/2QO8cnnFW6khDuAuUAySeV%233:04. Thanks for the tip ditech!