Spotify 0.3.16

We just released Spotify 0.3.16, making sharing your music with others even easier than before. Right-click any artist, track or album in Spotify to share it on Facebook or Delicious. As usual we have also squashed a few bugs and the banner ads no longer steal your focus.



  1. Great little addition. Can we expect a similar facility to allow us to share directly into Twitter anytime soon?

  2. Could you also make it easier to scrobble to Have to hack the hosts file to get it up now. Should be an easy fix.

  3. Fantastic features, but instead of the title “spotify resource” it’d be way better with Artist / Song Title. + spotify somwhere to keep the attraction

  4. Cool feature but I would love to see that it would share the artist and name of the track/album etc. as well.

  5. I too would love it to be able to share to Twitter as well… Twitter is more important than facebook is to me now

  6. Awesome, but it would totally rock if you added a “Share to Twitter” feature as well 🙂

  7. I’m using Spotify in Linux too, would like to know how to make this work.

  8. Just tried it but in facebook it didn’t list neither artist nor track. Can you fix this? Oh and Twitter would better btw.

  9. Man, I really need a “more” button at “Artists you may like”. You have to “turn-it-off-and-again” to refresh it.

  10. When are you going to create a real interface for playlists?

    I have no use of the playlist interface as it is now, it’s way to simple and useless if you want to have more than 20 playlists and doesnt have a 30″ screen that you have pivoted ….



  11. a function to add comments to a track, specially useful when using collaborative playlists!

  12. “As usual we have also squashed a few bugs and the banner ads no longer steal your focus.”

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  13. +1 to make it work on Linux.
    at that point , maybe it would be a good idea to develop a proper linux version, coz that wine workaround will get more and more annoying every passing version with new features we can’t use…

  14. (addendum)
    in case it wasn’t clear, it’s not just the facebook option that doesn’t work, everything http related is a no-no on spotify under LINUX, ie I can’t buy tracks from 7digital for instance, all those right clicks that are supposed to get you elsewhere just don’t work at all…

  15. And what about some kind of friend list to share playlists from spotify ? 🙂

  16. Not enough positive feedback here, just want to say ace job on the update!

  17. “Replace unplayable tracks”-option == WIN!

    Other than that… still no “report corrupt track/stupid spelling”-option?

  18. Twitter FTW?

    Kind of longing for some interesting changes now. To share a track on facebook is not that special. Would it be possible to update us how the release of the API has been received and what is happening in that area? Integration would be of key interest.

  19. Another +1 for a Linux version. Actually besides all the rest of the http links in spotify, even your ads don’t work as a link which practically makes them not to serve their purpose, a bad thing both for spotify as a company but also for a customer that might be interested in some of them. I think that now, since you have already developed a solid base of users, it’s the right time to put some effort on a linux version.

  20. Good updates as always!

    One thing I hope would improve is discovering new music, maybe some kind of “people who like this also like:” type functions.

    Also top lists could be top100 and reset more often so we dont have to listen pokerface all the time 😉

    Thanks, lovin’ Spotify.

  21. I want bookmarks, that is, a way to remember albums I like without having to create a new playlist for each, or a giant playlist with everything (as I do now…)

  22. +1 for bookmarks
    also I would like to be able to love a track on with just one click as done in Songbird.

    For the Linux users: to make the links in Spotify launch in your usual browser, follow those steps:
    – exit Spotify and all other application using wine
    – run “wine regedit”
    – search for “winebrowser.exe -nohome” (without the quotes)
    – add ” %l” (with a space but without the quotes, and it’s a lowercase L) at the end of the value for each key found (I had 8 or 9 of them)
    – restart Spotify, and try to share a song or buy from 7digital… It should open in your default browser.

  23. Hi, it would be really useful for Spotify to have an “Update Spotify version” option within it. When you choose this option it would automatically download and install the latest version of Spotify over the current version. I believe this would make updating far more accessible as well. What do you think?

    PS Good work, Spotify is the best streaming music service out there!

  24. Im down with the update spotify option aswell. My mac asks always 1000 question cause the software has changed and the “changed sfotware” wants to use the net.. blaa blaa.

  25. I would also love to see listing options for the playlists. Im adding alot of albums to that listing so it would be nice to sort the up like alpabets, added time so on and so on.

    Also would nice to have like playlists page with the album cover view. would be handy with more then 50 playlists on your “favourite” list. I dont use so much the option as song playlist, more just to save the album to favorites.


  26. I would use this if i actually had facebook, but i dont! Can you use it on anything else? Just curious! 🙂