Spotify Premium – There’s No Other Way


The members of Blur have spent the last few years focusing on solo projects. But now the whole band is getting back together for some live shows and they’re releasing a new compilation of their career highlights. Midlife: A Beginner’s Guide to Blur is out June 15th but Spotify Premium subscribers can listen to the full album starting today, now’s the perfect time for all the Girls & Boys out there to upgrade.


  1. Ah, not available to us non-subscribers today? Not even a day’s free pass for bringing it to your attention? 😦

    Anyway, I stand by my comment yesterday – this is a much better reflection of Blur’s back-catalogue than their old Greatest Hits album. There’s a very diverse selection of album tracks on here, including Trimm Trabb and This Is A Low, and it’s great to see Popscene finally on an album after 17 years of waiting!

  2. AT LAST…….. something we can also use in NL as a premium user.
    Too bad I already had all their songs on album… but at least this is a start. Getting more towards ALL premium users would be great.

    Thanks spotify.

  3. But all of these songs are already on Spotify. When you go to the link, make a playlist out of it, right click and choose “replace unplayable tracks”, it finds all but two.

    Nonetheless, more exclusives will make the premium version more attractive of course. 🙂