Spotify Premium – New Placebo album sampler


The London based alt-rock band, Placebo, have been hard at work on their follow up album to Meds. On June 8th the new album will be released and starting today we have an exclusive 6-track album sampler of Battle For The Sun, available to Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

To get a taste of the new album have a listen to the first single, For What It’s Worth.


  1. Thanks for nothing Spotify! I am a premium user in the netherlands and am by now feeling like a pariah. Have posted about that only every time you guys do a premium for the nordics, the UK or Germany…..

    You have not done ANYTHING for the premium users of the Netherlands. So thanks!

  2. I agree with koningwoning. And I am from Sweden.
    It would be realy nice if you could send out newspaper. So people don’t need to go into your blog every day to see a update.

  3. How long before the new placebo album is available for free users. Then I can work out whether to buy the cd or download elsewhere! Sorry Spotify, but I can’t justify £10 a month for the premium service when there is no iphone app yet.

  4. The tracklisting for the album sampler is wrong. I believe it should be like this (btw, when can we expect a place to post corrections?). Thanks for new Placebo:

    1 “Kitty Litter” – 3:47
    2 “Ashtray Heart” – 3:32
    3 “Battle for the Sun” – 5:33
    4 “For What It’s Worth” – 2:47
    5 “Bright Lights” – 3:24
    6 “Speak in Tongues” – 4:06