Spotify music catalogue updated with 85,384 new tracks

We’ve got another big music update for you today. After this it will likely be a little quiet the rest of the week as it’s a holiday here in Sweden but rest assured we’ll be back with more music next week. We’ve added 6,677 albums and singles today, in total 85,384 new tracks are now available.

A lot more independent music was added today, mainly from our partner CD Baby, so this is a great opportunity to discover a few new bands. Some of the highlights from today’s release include some Danko Jones releases. We also added Facts And Fabrications which is the new album from Swedish For Beginners.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.

Spotify 0.3.15 (with label search!)

We are in the process of releasing Spotify 0.3.15 with a more varied home view. It includes a more-button that can be used for finding more of the music that’s been recently added to Spotify. We also added a French language translation to Spotify which is the third language now available. To change the language go to the preferences menu and save the new settings.


We have previously covered the advanced searches you can do in Spotify. Today, we launched another one (that I know that many of you have been longing for): label search.

Searching for a label is easy; just type “label:” before the label name in the search box. An example would be label:warp. If the label you’re searching for contains a space, you must enclose it in quotation marks, like in label:”rough trade”.

And while you’re at it, you can of course combine this search with other types of searches. You could for example search for all My Morning Jacket music released on Rough Trade.

We’ve also published a full list of the labels you can search for since there are quite a few of them and you might not always know which ones to look for. The search result you get back contains both tracks, artists and albums by the label.

Spotify Premium, Thank Me Later

Daniel Merriweather Spotify

Last week we announced a contest, which is still running, to win tickets to see Daniel Merriweather live at the Bloomsbury Ballroom. Today we have his new album, Love & War, available as a pre-release for Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK, Sweden and Norway.


And after nearly a three year hiatus, Umeå’s Deportees return later this month with their third album Under The Pavement – The Beach. Starting today Spotify Premium subscribers in Sweden, Norway and Finland can listen to the whole album two weeks before it’s released.

Additionally, we have two pairs of tickets to see the Deportees live in Gothenburg on May 30th. If you’re Spotify Premium subscribers and want to attend the concert leave a comment on this blog blog and we’ll pick a winner.

To listen to these great new albums or enter any of the contests make you subscribe to Spotify Premium today.

Spotify music catalogue updated with 25,783 new tracks

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend, I know I did. Today is the start of another work week and we always like to get things started properly so that means another update to our music catalogue. We’ve added 2,415 albums and singles today, in total 25,783 new tracks are now available.

There are quite a few brand new albums in this update. One of the highlights is the much anticipation album from Eminem, Relapse, which was released today. The Manic Street Preachers have a new album out, Journal For Plague Lovers which is their 9th studio release. Jarvis Cocker is back with a Steve Albini-Produced LP, Further Complications. Passion Pit have a new album out in the UK, Manners. And finally, you can check out Rainwater Cassette Exchange, a new EP from Deerhunter.

I also wanted to point out the new Green Day album, 21st Century Breakdown, which has been available since Friday but didn’t make it into a blog post.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.

Spotify Premium Sweden, Morrissey comes to town

Back in February Morrissey released his latest album, Years of Refusal, to critical acclaim. Later this summer he’ll be playing three concerts in Sweden to promote the album and we have 5 pairs of tickets for Spotify Premium users courtesy of our friends over at AEG Live. If you’re really eager to get tickets you can also purchase them directly from Ticnet.

The concerts are in Borås on the 18th of June, Göteborg on the 22nd of June and Stockholm on the 24th. If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber and want to see Morrissey live leave a comment on the blog and let us know which show you’d like to attend and we’ll pick 5 winners to get the tickets.

Hints & Tips – Drop down arrows

Almost every week there’s a feature or function in Spotify that I learn about which I didn’t know existed. I’m sure a lot of others have the same experience so I’m going post useful tips once and awhile so you can get the most out of Spotify. If there’s a specific feature or function you want to know more about let us know and we’ll put together a post in the future.

Today I wanted to point out drop down arrows. You’ll usually find them in two places; either when searching for tracks or in the artists view. When searching for music we combine different versions of the same track name and display the most popular one. If you’re looking for a different version you can click the drop down arrow to the right of the track name to reveal all the versions available.

One track


Multiple Tracks

There are also drop down arrows next to some album names. If an album has a censored version or a radio edit we combine them and add the drop down arrow.


Clicking it will show all versions of that album that we have.

Help fight cancer, grow a mustache


Did you know you can help fight cancer by growing a mustache? Spotify is supporting the Swedish Cancer Society’s campaign to fight the most common form of cancer in Sweden – prostate cancer. Along with our support, celebrities such as Swingfly, MotoBoy and Bert Karlsson have created playlists to help for the cause.

For more information head over to the Cancerfonden website and start growing those nose socks, lip warmers and Fu Manchus to help battle cancer.

Spotify music catalogue updated with 68,877 new tracks

Monday we had a huge update and today we’re back with some more new content. Not quite as big as the last one but still a lot of great new music. We’ve added 5,906 albums and singles to our catalogue, in total 68,877 new tracks are now available.

A lot of today’s releases come from indie bands signed to CD Baby and Ditto Music so this is a great chance to find some new and exciting bands that you may not have heard of before. Some other highlights include Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia, a classic album by The Dandy Warhols. Also added were some releases from the Sa Re Ga Ma label which is an Indian music company.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.

Spotify Premium UK, Daniel Merriweather ticket giveaway

Daniel Merriweather Spotify

Daniel Merriweather, the Australian R&B singer, has previously toured in support of
acts like Kanye West and Biz Markie. On June 1st he’ll be releasing his new album, Love & War, and in anticipation for the release we have three pairs of tickets to hand out to Spotify Premium users in the UK for his upcoming concert at Bloomsbury Ballroom on June 3rd.

If you’re interested in going to the concert leave a comment on the blog and we’ll pick one lucky winner each week until May 27th.

Spotify and Zebralution team up to boost indie offering

Zebralution signs with SpotifyWe’re really happy to let you know that we’ve signed a deal with Zebralution to to add their great catalogue of music to Spotify. Zebralution is one of the world’s leading digital distributors of independent music and this will allow us to add more than 120,000 new tracks to continuously growing library. Some of the artists that Zebralution distributes include Booka Shade, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Mousse T, Lacuna Coil, Katie Melua. This deal brings onboard a lot good labels such as Ministry of Sound, Century Media, Get Physical, Superstar, Pavement, and Peppermint Jam.

While we’re really excited to announce this today perhaps the most exciting part is that there is no need to wait for Zebralution’s music to appear on Spotify. Today’s music update included the first delivery from them with thousand of new tracks, enjoy!