Spotify Premium Sweden, Rock ‘n Roll


The Swedish New Wave band The Sounds have had two major hit releases since they were founded in 1999. On June 2nd they are releasing their new album, Crossing The Rubicon, and starting today Spotify Premium users in Sweden can get a first chance to listen to the full album. For a taste of what to expect from the check out the first single, No One Sleeps When I’m Awake.


  1. Thanks a lot! The Sounds is one of my absolute favorite bands. Been looking forward for their release on Spotify.

  2. This is why premium account are pretty pointless – this album has already leaked so there’s nothing exclusive about it.

  3. @iamthecrime: Pointless? I don’t have a Premium account because exclusive materials but because its a great service worth paying for (and no advertising) and I’m sure that’s why most have a Premium.

    oh, i think the album ganna grow on me too =)

  4. I would imagine most people paying for premium actually do it because they want to pay for their music in a way that they dont feel ass-raped afterwards, not about having early access to music. Even if thats a nice bonus.