Spotify music catalogue updated with 75,515 new tracks

I don’t have anything as exciting as yesterday’s news to write about but we do have a fairly large update to our music catalogue today that you can check out over the weekend. We’ve added 6,617 albums and singles today, in total 75,515 new tracks are now available.

Today’s update has a lot of indie content again courtesy of CD Baby, also included are a number of releases from the INgrooves catalogue. A few highlights include:

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.


  1. Please explain how these regional restrictions works.

    How come I cannot listen to Latvian bands if I am in Latvia.


  2. love those updates coming from TAble of the elements.
    Spotify was already the best “portal” for experimental/avant-garde, hope it’ll maintain his leader status 🙂

    if I may ask, as I see there’s a shitload of Tzadik releases on spotify database, can we expect soon these new albums released 10 days ago (incl. new John Zorn “Alhambra Love songs”) ?

  3. The spoken words albums by Henry are attributed to “Rollins Band” as well, this is not correct.

  4. Love the Blues Attitude album thats been added. A must for any Blues fans

  5. Spotify is Shpongled – fantastic!

    And only 2 days after I moaned about them being missing :p

  6. Finally some Crime in Choir, great! Just need to get their other albums now 😉
    And Neil Young’s archives! Wow… And the new Peter Broderick… what an update

  7. I agree that it would be good to separate Henry Rollins Spoke Word-shows from the Rollins Band-records.

  8. Cheers. I have all of his albums, but, I don’t know if i’d buy archives. Maybe after hearing it on Spotify I would.

  9. Any chance of adding ‘genre’ tags to these googledoc listings? It would be helpful 1st in sorting and 2nd to see how you classify stuff!

  10. Awesome that you added stuff from FIXT and Ultimae Records. Please continue 😀 Hybrid and Solar Fields are awesome.

  11. What about RHCP other albums and INXS? Some Eurovision songs would be nice from early years 🙂

  12. Still waiting for these albums to appear:
    1. Hans Annellsson- Detta Har Hänt (1990-2006)
    2. Hans Annellsson- Full fart Utför
    3. Hans Annellsson- A Pirate In Ambient Waters
    4. The Vegetarians- A Vegetable Soup Of Songs
    5. The Vegetarians- 24 Carrot Songs
    All, except no.5, was delivered to you from CdBaby on March 5.
    No. 5 was delivered May 22.

  13. When are you going to have a deal with Elefant Records?, I really miss music like “la casa azul” or “la monja enana” in your music catalogue.

    Another think i miss is free music, but this i can understand that maybe is a deal with the music companies to avoid competence.

  14. Hmm, I highly doubt this is a Graveworm albume:

  15. Thanks for the new Amorphis album Skyforger! Any possibility to add bands three firts albums to Spotify’s music library?

  16. tack för almedal, the deer tracks & twiggy frostbite. tre band jag längtat att få se på spotify sedan dag ett.

  17. So happy that Ray LaMontagne’s album Trouble has been added, it’s one of the albums that I’ve missed the most 🙂

  18. Such A nice thing! Just as a tip, I would be pleased if you could upload dead by april’s newest cd here/there !

  19. Man putting in the CD baby content must be a job and a half, there’s loads and loads of unsigned bands on it, including ours!

    Looking forward to when we appear on it as I can help build a following using spotify. Thanks for helping the “small guys” out there 🙂



  20. Could you please make difference between Elvis Costello solo recordings and recordings made by Elvis Costello & The Attractions? Brand-new “Secret, Profane and Sugarcane” should be Elvis Costello solo album, for example.