Spotify mobile demo at Google Android I/O

Earlier this week Gustav, Ludde and Anders took the long flight across the pond to San Francisco. They went over to take part in Google I/O, a conference for Android developers. We thought that rather than just keeping what we demoed to the group who attended we’d share with everyone.

Now, just to be clear – this is simply a demo and very much still a work in progress. And to head off the inevitable questions, we don’t have any more details on when it will be available, etc except that you will need to be a paying subscriber in order to access Spotify on mobile . Also, this isn’t the only mobile app we’re working on, so stay tuned to this space for all sorts of cool stuff in the future.


  1. needs to be made for symbian phones, but i really like the idea, how many offline songs can you have on the app at once?

  2. Need a version for Nokia e63/Symbian 9.x phones…this could take over the world!

  3. This for me was the killer app on my HTC G2 Touch, however it has become a nightmare app. Have installed, reinstalled, clean booted my phone, removed all other apps, this app is still not working, and its hugely frustrating. I signed up for a premium account based on being able to use this, and now feel mighty aggreived that I can’t run it.

    Every time the phones screen time’s out, it cannot be turned back on forcing a battery out reboot, and the only thing different was installing spotify. So in short, I love spotify hugely, but just can’t use it on my phone, not ideal, and certainly won’t be renewing my premium subscription unless I can make this work, and I am going to try hard to get it to work because I love spotify.

  4. This actually seems to be related to syncing offline playlists, start a playlist downloading and then if the phones screen turns off it cant be turned back on again, necessitating a battery out reboot

  5. Running Spotify on my HTC G1 (Running Cyanogen V6.0.0 RC2 or V5.0.8, depending on the stability of the next rom release 😉 ).

    But what I do notice is that Spotify runs rather slow on the G1 (might be the out-dated hardware already?) It feels sluggish/heavy.

    This is the case on a stock HTC G1 and my rooted HTC G1.

    But besides the slowlyness, good work!

  6. Where is find this app for Android? Unable to get it from Android market.. whats wrong?