Spotify pumps up punk content with Epitaph

Epitaph Records

In the past couple of months we’ve announced a number of deals to add more classical and indie content to Spotify. Today we’re announcing something a little different, we’re really happy to let you know that we’ll be bolstering our punk and alternative rock catalogue with amazing content from Epitaph Records.

Epitaph is a California based label owned by Brett Gurewitz, founding member of Bad Religion. From its California punk rock roots with bands such as The Offsping, Rancid, Pennywise and NOFX, Epitaph has evolved into a leading independent label. It’s current artists range from Converge to Escape The Fate, Set Your Goals, New Found Glory, Ghost Of A Thousand, The Blackout and Every Time I Die.

They launched The Anti label in the late nineties which features Tom Waits, Neko Case, Bettye Lavette, Joe Henry, Booker T, Jason Lytle and William Elliot Whitmore, just to name a few. Burning Heart Records is also part of the Epitaph group and has albums released by Millencolin, Refused, Kid Down, Raised Fist and The Hives.

And while announcements are great, even better is actually getting the music so we’re really excited that the first batch of music from Epitaph is available in today’s music update.


  1. Great news! When you re-add the records from Distortion Records ( I’ll definitely become a premium member again. My crust/kängpunk playlist is still 90% red…

  2. Yeah, great with Epitaph! Saw that some Bella Union records were added today.. Unfortunately not in Sweden :-(, let’s hope these restrictions dissaepear soon. Midlake is super!!

  3. Finally! I’ve been waiting for The Offspring’s earlier albums, like Smash and Ignition. This is the best update so far for me!

  4. Millencolin’s latest, finally!
    But why have a earlier album disappeared 😦
    Hoping for more from Millencolin.

  5. the label:epitaph search isn’t bringing up that many results for me, but if i search by artist, loads of stuff is there. Is this something I should just be patient with? -Tom

  6. Great work!!! But where is
    Raised Fist – Sound of the Republic?
    their best album, need it!

    Keep up with the good work.

  7. Hey, We need some more Trance/Techno/Dance music or the possibility to add your own music to the library.

  8. This is the best update so far! Really really love it!
    Now you just have to add Fat Wreck Chords and remove all censuring (curse words are also music)!
    Thank you very much for being so awesome=)

  9. @blueviper: Spotify hasn’t censored anything. The record companies, on the other hand, have sent quite a few censored albums to the library.

    Sometimes there will be uncensored versions in there as well. Always check for those first. However, if you can’t find the uncensored versions, contact the record company and ask them to add it for you.

  10. Brilliant news. Now we just need the whole Equal Vision catalogue and everything will be completely wonderful!

  11. Finally. I had nearly given up on ever seeing Epitaph. Thank you! I hope Burning Heart will follow!

  12. Love and props to the Spotify crew! I am going to start paying for this service when you get a mobile function (and perhaps a download service subscription for you Pod……..sike)

  13. Best additions yet. Have already listened to the old punkoramas. Keep it up, spotify!

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    First thing i did when i got my spotify account was to check out the punk content. I couldn’t find much, and i was somewhat dissapointed.
    I dropped a little message to Epitaph 18/04 complaining about it – and now here they are!
    …I’m going to be so naive as to think i have some small part in this, even though i most likely don’t. 😛

    But hey, maybe it’s a good idea to drop a note to you favourite labels, if they haven’t felt like participating as of yet?

  15. When fat mike’s – Fat Wreck Chords?

    Comme on call them and kick their ass off, much punk but it should be a company and share the music trough spotify

    U have also lack of Local spanish labels like subterfuge, boa, etc…