Spotify music catalogue updated with 14,826 new tracks

Today we have some great new content, especially for the punk and alt rock fans out there. We’ve added 1,175 albums and singles today, in total 14,826 new tracks are now available.

A lot of today’s update comes from from Epitaph, our new label search comes in handy here. Bands like Bad Religion,The Offsping, Rancid, Pennywise and NOFX among others, are all included in this update

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.


  1. Album dates for The Offspring could do with a bit of a looking at though, pretty sure Ixnay on the Hombre didn’t come out in 2008 and Ignition and Smash are set at 2007 😉

  2. Great!! I was missing the biggest punk bands in spotify … terrific! thnx

  3. jamesharland: Those dates comes from remastered versions (loudness war victims). You rarely see original release dates on Spotify, which is a shame.

  4. Yeah, Epitaph!

    Slightly unrelated: where should we report misspellings and stuff like that?

  5. Thanks for the update. Talking of Epitaph records, which is named after the track on Crimson’s In the Court, it would be awesome to get King Crimson.

  6. Every “catalogue update” gives me shivers. Every single time you take away loads of songs I USED TO HAVE ACCESS TO. And no, you do NOT add the new songs to my catalogue. I live in Brazil, used to be a premium user and don’t see a reason to recommend the service anymore. Sorry.
    The hype is over.

  7. When will Spotify start adding more 1980s Jazz Funk & Soul tracks. This genre still has a large following and is a potential source of many more users for spotify. You could make a start by Licencing the Streetsounds series of albums from the eighties. Listening to this type of music is very popular on youtube so why don’t spotify get on the case quickly?