Spotify Premium UK, Fascinating


Girls Aloud may be a product of a reality show but these ladies are no one hit wonder. Their hit album Out Of Control took over the charts last year and the critically acclaimed song The Promise took the Best Single prize at the BRIT Awards. They are now releasing an exclusive singles boxset and Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK can listen to a special preview of the set for the next seven days.


  1. Until you fix the McAfee problem or at least acknowledge that you are aware of it, I don’t think many people are going give a sh*t about your Girls Aloud special preview

  2. i admit this might be a timed post, but the mcafee problem deserves much more attention and speedy response than this load of bollocks

  3. There is a fine solution for the McAfee problem: throw McAfee away and get a good virus program…

  4. Hear hear to the above. When loads of people can’t even access Spotify anymore they can’t get to this even if they wanted to! This problem started yesterday afternoon and we’re heard nothing: not even an acknowledgement of the problem, long let a solution. Not impressed.

  5. Well it’s easy enough to disable Mcafee, but perhaps spotify really does have a virus. Until someone pulls his/her finger out and lets us know what’s going on, I’d rather not risk using spotify

  6. Girls Aloud – Out Of Control: “This album is currently not available in Sweden”.

    WTF!? Somebody contact those fools at the record company and get this fixed 😦

  7. Seriously, relying on McAffee to protect your PC from viruses is like relying on a piece of paper to protect your house from a leaky roof in a rainstorm.

    I think Spotify’s priorities are to get as much music online as possible and maximise their revenue by doing premium benefits to keep the record companies off their back. If the service goes under, it doesn’t really matter about McAffee!

  8. For those who fear that Spotify is a virus, it isn’t. I use NOD32 anti virus and it would have picked it up immediately. If McAfee is giving a false positive then users should report the fact to McAfee not Spotify. In the mean time it looks like you’ll just have to do without Spotify (probably the best music program in the world). I know which program I’d delete and it doesn’t begin with “S” :o)

  9. Well, it’s all very well for random bloggers to say it’s not a virus, but without official confirmation from Spotify or Mcafee, then Spotify will remain disabled on many thousands of users’ systems.
    At the very least they should post that they’re aware of the problem and are working on it, or if it definitely isn’t a virus then say so, and give detailed instructions on how to get Spotify back.

  10. i’m just using we7 til mcafee/spotify gets fixed. theyve got less music but its a website – no download, and you don’t need to register either

  11. I am a premium customer of Spotify and am very sad for not being able to listen to the preview of Girls Aloud singles boxset…. NOT!!!! Can you please tell the Mcafee people to clean up their act????

  12. “McAfee has released a statement saying: “McAfee has been made aware that some users are experiencing an issue with Spotify. A fix will be provided in today’s regular signature file update. McAfee would like to apologise to any customers affected by this issue and reassure them that this is being addressed as a matter of urgency.”,39029471,49302343,00.htm

  13. BTW, I did not “experience an issue with Spotify”; I was prevented from using Spotify by McAfee’s incompetence.

  14. Seriously guys, it’s not Spotify’s fault at all. You should be over at the McAfee site and bother them, not here. It’s the new definitions in the McAfee update that blocked Spotify, not Spotify itself.

    People jump the gun so fast sometimes it makes my stupid-meter overload.

  15. The problem is not Spotify’s fault, but the refusal to react to this in any way in entirely Spotify’s fault.