Spotify music catalogue updated with 85,384 new tracks

We’ve got another big music update for you today. After this it will likely be a little quiet the rest of the week as it’s a holiday here in Sweden but rest assured we’ll be back with more music next week. We’ve added 6,677 albums and singles today, in total 85,384 new tracks are now available.

A lot more independent music was added today, mainly from our partner CD Baby, so this is a great opportunity to discover a few new bands. Some of the highlights from today’s release include some Danko Jones releases. We also added Facts And Fabrications which is the new album from Swedish For Beginners.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.


  1. akrde – CD Baby is an aggregator of small labels, they don’t actually release music themselves so you can’t search for them. If you look at this list you’ll see a lot of really small labels, most of them are distributed by CD Baby.

  2. Finally! Every time there’s news of a new CD Baby update, I always have an excited check to see if Joe Purdy’s catalogue has been added. And today, it’s happened 🙂

    Most people will recognise “Wash Away – Reprise” from when it was used in an early episode of Lost, but Stompingrounds is probably my favourite acoustic folk album ever.


  3. neilstudd – Thanks for pointing out Joe Purdy. I had never heard him before but am really like his albums.

  4. Congratulations on the changes.

    What it would take now is that it could search for songs by language. Thus, we could find songs in a certain genre, style and language.

    I hope we can do something about it.


  5. I’m really worried about stuff like: “some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions”.

    The music industry is no way near winning me back as a paying customer if they keep demanding stuff like that.

  6. Hmm, speaking of CD Baby.. Hope we can expect to see Amy Jo Johnson’s music on Spotify soon 🙂 Speaking of Amy Jo; how about music by her co-star on Flashpoint, Hugh Dillon? Or, why not, some stuff by the group he was in before, Headstones 🙂

    I agree about regions.. They (labels) really should take a long, hard look at the system, and change it. The world is nolonger as big as it was a long time ago.. People all over expect to be able to listen to music from the whole world..

    Spotify is, however, not to blame. It’s the labels. I’m thinking of contacting at least one. I know they own some of the tracks I could listen to before the change. I’m hoping to get a straight answer from them, but I guess it’s a pipe-dream 😛

    Keep on rockin’, Spotify 🙂

  7. yeah! Danko is back!!! also thanks for Anekdoten and bloodbounds “Nosferatu”. btw you’ve misspelled Desdemonamelia as DesdemonameDia 🙂

  8. Big thanks for some Gnomusy via CD Baby, I’ve been waiting for him. 😀 Great new age / fantasy / electronic music. The new album eMotive look interesting, with him as well as Grundman, who I also like. 🙂

  9. I just loaded Spotify on my Mac, and the app asked for new permission to my keychain, because Spotify had changed. I clicked allow, and when it opened all my carefully created playlists had just disappeared!!! Is this anything to do with a new version of the software…? Can I get them back!?

  10. Hello
    I haven’t found a good place to post corrections, so I’ll post here. It’s this album – Bellatrix – “It’s all true”

    The tracks are wrong, it should be like this:
    1 Sweet Surrender 4:18
    2 The Girl With the Sparkling Eyes 3:49
    3 Jediwannabe 2:46
    4 Daredevil 3:39
    5 Strange Encounter 2:58
    6 If I Fall 4:04
    7 This Boy Will Be Mine 3:46
    8 Tamed Tiger 3:37
    9 Always 5:05
    10 Madness 3:46
    11 Lullabye 4:17

    Thanks in advance

  11. Hi and thanks for such a great service !
    Just wish that u could add the rest of Seether’s albums soon =)
    Keep up the good work !

  12. MEN LÄGG TILL Disarmonia Mundi / Add Disarmonia Mundi plsplspsls

    youtube it if u dont know what it is 🙂

  13. VirusScan Alert! Tonight I received a message from McAffe VirusScan that there is a Trojan in spotify.exe! Virus/Trojan detected is: W32/IRCbot.gen.z. I hope it is false positive…

  14. “VirusScan Alert! Tonight I received a message from McAffe VirusScan that there is a Trojan in spotify.exe! Virus/Trojan detected is: W32/IRCbot.gen.z. I hope it is false positive…”

    Same here

  15. Great with the Danko Jones releases from Bad Taste!! I’ve been waiting on those bad boys since I first got Spotify!

  16. When will you tag The Jacksons correctly. As it is now every song by The Jacksons is tagged as The Jackson 5, even though it’s two different groups on two different labels. Please fix this, it messes up my 😛

  17. Is it this update that makes McAfee AV delete Spotify, or is it an update to McAfee that causes spotify to delete. Either Spotify does contain a rootkit or far more likely McAfee virusscan and spotify don’t get on. Bad thing is that the McAfee service stopped and the tamper protection turned it back on. That makes it look more like a real infection (though false positive may well be it). McAfee also attempted to clean out XP restore points after restarting dat 5622, engine 5301.4018

  18. It’s this update. I have the same problem and googled around abit. I haven’t figured out on how to fix this yet, but I read something about restoring DAT files. Im going to look closer and see if I can find the way to restore the files, if not I hope Spotify fix it themselves. This is pretty annoying

  19. Please change the year for the Album: Desireless made by Eagle-Eye Cherry.
    It should be 2001. Not 2009

  20. Please fix the McAfee problem ASAP!
    I can’t disable McAfee on my work computer

  21. Spotify gone from all computers at the office – except mine.., I don’t want no freaking anti-virus software 😀

    +1 to please fix this ASAP

  22. Don’t know what the hell is wrong..
    But when I checked out McAfee’s site yesterday, it seems that the virus it is detecting Spotify as got updated to McAfee yesterday. So seems like the problem lies at McA and not Spotify… BUT, I’m not sure.
    Crap though that you can’t but the program as ignore in McAfee either. I hate virus protection programs, they SUCK! especially these big ones.

  23. given the previously posted hack to spotify that allows data theft we must consider the posibility that the route kit really is in there. It is unlikely but not impossible

  24. Having the same problem with McAfee and Spotify. It deleted it and after downloading again, came up with a warning straight away.

    I shall be sad to see Spotify go.

  25. I really hope Spotify sues the shit out of McAfee after this. Obviously some people at McAfee forgot to turn on their brains. Incredible!

    (And think about the hundreds of thousands of Spotify users with no problems whatsoever with Spotify just becuase they use a good virus program…)

  26. Even if all of Spotify’s employees are on holiday, they ALL have laptops, mobile phones with internet or access to the internet. I can’t believe that NOBODY is reading this and know about the problem. They should have routines for this kind of event. At least they should have a network monitor warning them that they all of a sudden lost a large amount of traffic.

  27. I’d like to add to my post that this update is from 090520, and the discovery on the “virus” was 090521, so I think the problem lies at mcafee. They had a new DAT-file at that date which could have caused the problem. There should come a new DAT-update-thingy today from McAfee, so hopefully we will have spotify running tlater today or tomorrow

  28. McAfee VirusScan with the latest DAT-file detects Spotify.exe as a Trojan: W32/IRCbot.gen.z. Several people has experienced this.

    It must be a false positive, and the problem should lie within McAfee, not Spotify. I do not have user priveleges to change anything in McAfee, so I can not use Spotify anymore until this has been corrected.

  29. Posting again, I just read about this on the news. McAfee knows about this and they will update the dat-thing today, as I posted above.

  30. Lägg till CLASH OF THE ELEMENTS Med The Poodles. Jag vill lyssna på deras nya album. Älskar den gruppen. Lägg gärna in bild på den gruppen också.

    Så vill jag att ni lägger till en låt med Christian Kjellvander Log at 25

  31. Fantastic news my friends, good stuff. Although DonkeyBox have still not appeared on your spreadsheet, I am pretty sure we will be here very very soon. I will do the funky chicken dance to celebrate in the mean time.*put your hands up in the air* and go *woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*

    Atul from DonkeyBox (sounds like Metallica and Greenday having a few beers together)