Spotify music catalogue updated with 68,877 new tracks

Monday we had a huge update and today we’re back with some more new content. Not quite as big as the last one but still a lot of great new music. We’ve added 5,906 albums and singles to our catalogue, in total 68,877 new tracks are now available.

A lot of today’s releases come from indie bands signed to CD Baby and Ditto Music so this is a great chance to find some new and exciting bands that you may not have heard of before. Some other highlights include Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia, a classic album by The Dandy Warhols. Also added were some releases from the Sa Re Ga Ma label which is an Indian music company.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.


  1. Tom Stabb from Atlantic Records was crying because there was no Space on Spotify. He would like ‘Spiders’ and ‘Tin Planet’ uploaded with immediate effect or he might do something stupid. I would like Hurricane #1. I won;t do anything stupid if this doesn’t happen. Thanks. Amazing.

  2. I wonder the same thing as Lunxer, when will we be able to listen to beautiful music from Labrador?

  3. eichizen, lunxer – Labrador’s material is a bit confusing because they use different aggregators in different countries to release their music. I don’t think there are any deals holding this up anymore and it’s just a matter of getting the content and processing so hopefully it will be up soon.

  4. Thats awesome thanks.

    I found a video about a Spotify version in the works for Iphone/ipod touch. Is it really in development and are you sure that apple will let it onto the app store? It says it even caches tracks so you can listen to them when you get out of the WiFi. That would be so awesome I don’t believe it is true.

    The video:

  5. Why has the VA compilation “Floorfillers” been removed from the UK? Only added about a week ago and still on WE7?


  6. i would ask for some spanish groups CDs, like fe de ratas, boikot, reincidentes, sinkope,.. there are a few of them, but i’d like have more of them…
    and other question: why can’t we (spanish users) hear some groups like oasis?
    thanks and congratulations for all your work!!

  7. Congratulations for another huge update! I’m especially pleased to find the Hildur Gudnadottir album on this list.

  8. Every time I read on the blog about new songs being added to Spotify updating your catalogue, more and more songs VANISH from my track lists. This week almost every list I have is all red except for a song or two.
    Really, what is going on? I don’t see a point in recommending the service to anyone I know in Brazil since we have less content every month. Also, after being a premium user for a month I *never* received invites to send to any friends.

  9. 68,877 new tracks = awesome
    But you also removed some, how many was that and why?

  10. That’s all dandy (no pun intended) but where’s all the psy-trance, full-on, psybience and so on? ;_;

  11. Is there any particular reason for the album “The Drive” by Pixel (label: Raster-Noton) not to be available in France? There are other albums from this label and even other albums by this artist on this label, so it seems a little weird that this one isn’t available. Maybe it’s just a matter of time 🙂

  12. Great work.

    I would appreciate it if there was some way built into the software of reporting mistakes with tagging.

    Also the tagging might be better if some multi-album packages were split into individual albums.
    E.g. spotify:album:6xqyV7ksCX7jtxqR4rM93x

  13. I am not sure where to post suggestiong, but a really good thing to advance spotify would be the ablilty to browse music the problem i have with it as do many people i know is that we do not know what to search for, run out of ideas. Please add browsing cability :). Another suggestion i have is like itunes and WMP they have a toolbar which appears on the taskbar at the bottem with usefull play, pause rewind etc. buttons would be great if spotify did this!!! Look forward to improvements. tbh_29

  14. Thanks, I love spotify! I would like to see some more asian music on it though… I’m not sure if it’s because I search using roman letters? I found the description for a korean artist (“the rain” in english) but the music was from some other band…

  15. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Communion
    The Church – Uninvited #23

    Will these be available soon?
    Many thanks.

  16. Andres,

    I emailed the label Tru Thoughts about the no-Sweden restriction but they answered that shouldn’t be the case. Their catalogue is just too awesome to disregard.

    Any ideas?

  17. gs – Not sure. None of their stuff shows a UK release on our side. Maybe they can email us and we can try and sort it out. Either they’ve sent the wrong data or we’ve done something wrong somewhere.

  18. Great to see some unsigned acts from CDBaby on Spotify. I’m especially happy for the EP Splinter by Lunic (spotify:album:4Df4C2h8MTHeYpJn6VstIu), love their rock/violin set up.

  19. Yesterday I was very happy to find out that USA film music label Varèse Sarabande has joined your network. Two months ago I emailed them asking to join Spotify. I didn’t receive a reply, but now I see that my request was not useless!

    I’m beginning to think that this is too good to be real, too good to last. I really wish you the best in this amazing project. I’m seriously considering to link albums from my website (I have almost 2000 film music albums listed there).

  20. I have to say this is my fav application of 2009! And you will be glad to know that you made it to my pinup in my start menu. This is a very sought after position… currently only occupied by FireFox. Well done and keep it up!