Spotify and Zebralution team up to boost indie offering

Zebralution signs with SpotifyWe’re really happy to let you know that we’ve signed a deal with Zebralution to to add their great catalogue of music to Spotify. Zebralution is one of the world’s leading digital distributors of independent music and this will allow us to add more than 120,000 new tracks to continuously growing library. Some of the artists that Zebralution distributes include Booka Shade, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Mousse T, Lacuna Coil, Katie Melua. This deal brings onboard a lot good labels such as Ministry of Sound, Century Media, Get Physical, Superstar, Pavement, and Peppermint Jam.

While we’re really excited to announce this today perhaps the most exciting part is that there is no need to wait for Zebralution’s music to appear on Spotify. Today’s music update included the first delivery from them with thousand of new tracks, enjoy!


  1. har för mig ni haft lacuna coil innan…. och nu är det ju bara EN låt! =( kommer det mer ?

  2. You people at Spotify are really clever. This is a very good idea but to actually execute it is (and now was) something amazing. I think you have liberated music. The ipod generation will give way to the Spotify generation. Hurrah. I don’t like Apple anyway.

  3. Ouhhhhh yeah century media!!! That’s metal!!! the best A&R band prospection of ever in metal scene. Welkome!!!!

    Century is not only lacuna coil, is much much moreee, yah!!!

    Keep on!!! and please give exclusives to spanish premium users, as you are doing with your swedish neighbours,please…

    Also many indies here left: subterfuge, boa,

  4. It would be great to show the label of each one of the albums below cover, as itunes does, so useful for music professional. Detecting repetory owners, signing bands, managing clearances, etc..etc…

    Please have this upgrade in account for next versions of the software.

    It would be great also to have searchs by label keyword as label:century media or better for digital managenet manager on labels have a combinated search:

    label:century media
    mother_label (or dig_label):zebralution


    label:blue note
    mother_label (or dig_label):EMI

    Really would be great


  5. What is needed in order to explore all the music much more easy, is an graphical advanced search option. As it is today, there´s a lot of search commands you can use, and a lot of genres, but i don´t know them, except i saw them in a google doc a while ago, why not make a search page, with all genres listed, and all options, just like in itunes, that would help a lot.

    And ofcourse, the ability to add folders to the left pane, i have too many playlists, and want to organize them, anyways you rock spotify!

    More italo/synth sutff is needed thogh..

  6. pinniewooh, for Italo/synth try some of the newly added Ghostly International releases such as the “Idol Tryouts Two” compilation:


  7. Wow nice!

    Once there is an iphone/ipod touch app ready I will glady purchase premium.

  8. Spotify, I love you.

    Long live Spotify.

    One day, when you have EVERY album I know on Spotify, I will gladly pay for the premium service (ok, that’s a hard bargain, but still…I hope that Spotify will become an international household name in time, that these artists will be Spotify users themselves, and that everyone will release to Spotify because of this). For NOW, the ads are nothing compared to the awesomeness of the music library, and I can just buy a day pass for parties/social listening sessions etc…

    YOU are the solution to online piracy (<3), and I hope the WHOLE industry and ALL artists come behind you and see that this is the future. I think it is only a matter of time, and Spotify will become the new iTunes.

    Congratulations on being the first to “get” it right. I know there’s a long road ahead, but you’ve gone wonderfully so far and I know you’re doing everything you can to expand the library, make deals with content owners and work towards the wide launch. I hope some improvements like higher audio quality options (lossless Level 8 FLAC or soemthing would be amazing if it can be expanded to one day, I’m patient :)), and more software features, will be on store for us.

    So I simply wait and will enjoy seeing it unfold, and in the meantime am your biggest fan and most loving user.


    PS. And of course, I will be one of your little marketers and spread it with word of mouth and get all my friends and family onto it too 🙂

    ❤ ❤ ❤