Spotify Premium Sweden, 21st Century Breakdown

green-day.jpgFor the past 20 years Green Day has been one of most successful rock bands on the planet. Its been 5 years since their last hit album, American Idiot, was released and fans have been eagerly anticipating a new album.

A few weeks ago they released the first single, Know Your Enemy. Starting today Spotify Premium subscribers in Sweden can listen to 21st Century Breakdown, their brand new album, in its entirety a full week before it’s release.

Now’s the time to See the Light and sign up for Spotify Premium.


  1. AHHH. Refused and Raised Fist are back! Great work! Add the rest of Raised Fists records and I will even more happier.

  2. Tja, jag försökte idag köpa prenium för att kunna lyssna på green day skivan, har dock inget betalkort så kunde inte göra det. Tror fler kanske skulle köpa det om andra betalningsalternativ fanns. Jag personligen hade föredragit att betala via min internetbank, alltså att jag loggar in på internetbanken och godkänner överföringen till er när jag betalar. Man kan bland annat göra så när man betalar på Ginza.ser

  3. Hej vil3,

    Jobbar på Spotify
    Vi är medvetna om det och tittar på olika betalningsalternativ och hoppas att kunna erbjuda dig ett betalningssätt som passar dig i framtiden.

    För den här gången har du möjlighet att få ett Premium daypass från så att du kan lyssna på albumet. Om du har ett konto hos och köper Guld eller Platina får du en Premium daypass . tror att man kan betala via sms

  4. @akselus

    eller rättare sagt, inget betalkort jag kan handla på nätet med

    tackar för svaret, ni gör ett underbart jobb 🙂

  5. The album spotify:album:6ywXkR5CXN0pLCuA4cDV4J is shown under a incorrect artist name. “Ólafur Arnalds” should in this case be “Ólöf Arnalds”.

  6. Laurent Garnier new album is up.. unfortunately not available in the UK even for premium users. When will this change ?

  7. Thanks for a great service! The album “micadelia” with artist “micadelia” got the tracks in wrong order.

  8. hi,
    you update with so many songs that it is difficult to browse your google document in it’s entirerity and look for the song that we are awaiting. can you mention the country from which the album comes out in all your next google docs that contain the list of addition to your catalogue?
    please let me know…

  9. Kinda tarded that its only for swedish premium users. When there aint no legal way, people go illegal. This album was out on torrents yesterday ..

  10. Just bought premium.. Funny thing that today I can’t seem to access any playlists at all that friends sends me. A coincidence or a bug? “Playlist not found” showing up for anyone else?

  11. What about premium users on spain¿?

    Is time to offer concerts, exclusives and 1 week before releases too other countries. Work on it,please.

    apart form this, I think guys, is time to take care of editorial tasks as having different home pages depending on the country, and giving some visibility to local new releases feautirng them on spanish or french homepages….

  12. Om man ska vara en Messerschmeidt så är det väl i 15 år Green day har funnits.

    Tack för er suveräna produkt!