Congrats to Mattias and Gunnar!


I wanted to take a minute to congratulate Mattias and Gunnar, two of our amazing programmers, for placing first in Challenge 24, an annual 24 hour programming contest. The two of them along Per Austrin from KTH submitted their team, Three-Headed Monkey, into the competition which pits the top programming talent from around the world against one another. The event took place in Budapest last week and involved some really cool tasks such as programming a robot to play Guitar Hero. Congrats to the whole team!


  1. haha I love the name Three-Headed Monkey. makes me think of all my good moments playing Monkey Island.

    congrats and keep up your good work!

  2. Congrats guys and i really hope you use your talet to make Spotify even better =)

  3. Challenge 24 don’t mention Spotify on the site! You should have got the guys to wear some larger Spotify logos! 😉

    Good work guys… Congrats! Best team in the land…now its official.


  4. Congratulations for the award.
    Y muchas gracias por todo lo que haceis con SPOTIFY.


  5. I dont know much about programming yet, but what program do u use? Python?

  6. smartviking: During this year’s contest, we mainly used Java and C++, and I don’t think we wrote any Python. I have, however, used Python in several of previous years’ contests.

  7. Cool, i’m just trying to learn, but, i’m not a genius like you!:) I’ve heard Python is easyer to learn. I like that!:)