1. “UK and Sweden” seems to be a recurring theme here… what about Norway? Premium users here pay just as much, and somehow I doubt that Ciara has declared Norway a sensitive market where Spotify can’t have these rights…

    (I don’t care about this particular artist, but I don’t like the trend)

  2. Andres, how is it going publishing 2Pac’s albums on spotify? It has gone a long time and alot of releases, but no new 2Pac stuff…

  3. retskrad: Since you have asked the same question 10 times already I’m sure Andres will let you know when something happens. There is no need to ask in every new thread.

  4. He hasnt answeared them, only the first and the second. I think he’s ignoring me.

  5. retskrad – We’ve asked the label about 2Pac and hopefully they’ll send it, it can take quite awhile from the time we ask to the we actually get the music.

  6. I have to secound what ‘trondeg’ said. This also applies to other random songs thats market not available. Its totaly lame. Period.