Spotify breakfast seminar with Daniel and Mark Earls

Mark Earls at Spotify Breakfast

Earlier today we hosted a little breakfast seminar for some clients, agencies and a few reporters at the Hotel Rival here in Stockholm. Daniel talked about about how Spotify came to be and where we’re going. We also had a presentation by the great Mark Earls, author of Herd, and we’d really like to thank him for making the trip and hope to see him again soon.

Breakfast with Spotify


  1. There’s no video footage of the seminar? I am disappointed! Pictures won’t do! 😥

  2. Just wanted to say I tried Spotify free for a week or so and was so impressed I went premium to support it. I could easily live with the ads but its such an amazing service I wanted to support it. I’ve never bought as much music! Actually being able to try out albums before spending my hard cash is brilliant and actually means I buy WAY more than I’ve ever done! Keep up the great work – and get the Beatles! 🙂

  3. Spotify is the best happend to internet ever Keep up your god work and please get zappa pink floyd and beatles

  4. if it wasn’t recorded, can you at least share the powerpoint or meeting minutes?