Spotify music catalogue updated with 1,900 releases

After a beautiful weekend we’re all hard at work again today. To get the week started nicely we’ve updated our music catalogue with 1,900 albums and singles, in total more than 20,000 new tracks are now available.

Today we’ve added the new single, Angela, by Jarvis Cocker who has a new album out next month. The new Bob Dylan album, Together Through Life, is now available as a wide release.

Also included in today’s update is our first delivery of music from Naxos, so there is lots of new music for the classical fans out there.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.


  1. Nice, do you have any ETA on when music from BIS records will be available?

  2. And what about CD Baby? Did they deliver their content to you already? Did you upload the CD Baby content already?

  3. akrde – We haven’t uploaded anything from CD Baby yet but expect to do so soon.

  4. CURRENT 93! Awesome. Nice also to see a good amount of metal in this update, it’s definitely a genre that Spotify needs more of 🙂

  5. Nice update. I remember searching Current 93 up in Spotify a while back. It’s good to see them there now.

    It’s be nice to see more metal, ska, punk and post-rock in the next update.

    andreas, have you tried getting Constellation Records to sign up with Spotify?

  6. But once again – please get your album dates sorted out. All Current 93’s albums were not released in 2008, even if they might have been remastered then.
    Searching for anything gets very tiresome when all albums by an artist have the same year.
    Also newcomers to a certain artist will have a hard time of knowing where to start, etc.
    Please – fix this. Otherwise, great work.

  7. I’d write to you somewhere else, but I can’t find where would be best…

    I heard with alarm that you’re having trouble finding as many premium subscribers as you hoped.
    I really like Spotify and my subscription lapses next week.
    However, I just don’t spend that much money on “real” music that I can take around in a CD player or iPod at the moment, so why would I spend that much every month on something I can only listen to in my bedroom?
    If you’ll forgive the forward proposal, here’s my idea for future UK pricing.

    99p – A 12-hour party option. Would it REALLY be so much of a rip-off to put it to 12 hours? I used it once and it was so much more convenient than changing/making CDs.

    £5.99 – The streaming with no ads option.

    £10.99 – Streaming with no ads, exclusives, artwork, downloads? I know you were thinking about it.

    Honestly, if there was a middle way, I would subscribe right now. But I can’t afford half a day’s pay a week when I spend maximum 7 hours on this, really.

    I would also put up with maybe 1/3 more ads. Sometimes you don’t hear any – is it supposed to be once every 20 mins? I’m sure you could squeeze in a few more ads to gently push people in the direction of premium to make up for it 😉

  8. This is wierd:
    Today, you finally uploaded the Springsteen album ‘Live in New York City’, the only one missing. spotify:album:0pOS5xq0G4utSS44NRs63U
    But this is not available in Norway, even though all the other of his albums are, and this album is on the same label and with the same terms as all his others. Why is that?

  9. Many thanks to you Spotify guys for the update. Just 1 question Andres: I was looking forward to the Naxos update but the search criteria for classical/opera is performer rather than composer and as such it difficult to find specific music. Even worse, on some albums, the composer is not even mentioned….for example: spotify:album:1lRHyabvZ1S6SHXLtCoH8f Nowhere on the album is it mentioned that the composer is Corelli….only the album cover art gives this away.

    So in a nutshell, is there a plan to change the “artist” field from performer to composer, thereby enabling the classical/opera enthusiast to get full value from Spotify?

    Thanks again!

  10. ayld: It’s super cheap for almost 3.000.000 songs. 😉 And I don’t think there is any trouble with finding premium subscribers. Or where did you hear this? Source?

  11. andrewg500 – The Naxos content we added today had some errors in the metadata that we should get fixed later this week. Hopefully that will help a bit with the searching and make it easier to find your favorite classical/opera albums.

  12. I mean really isn´t it anything you can do to make record companies get rid of this foolish restrictions. I still can´t get over the fact that many albums aren´t available that I like. They are not making their positions any better by doing this and this is a legal way of distributing music. Its one thing that many artists opted out and I respect that but this is too much, and I know you guys are not to blame at all.

    Other than that I think you are doing a great job and keep up the good work.

  13. Always nice with more music but how about make more albums available in Sweden? 🙂

  14. it’s amazing. u have a lot of collection of Hindustani classical. good collection of Ustad Bismillah Khan Sahab!

  15. You have the album Sifar by Lucky Ali. But not his first album Sunoh which is (probably) his best ever album? Please add it for next time. Thanks!

  16. Hi Andres, just wondering if there are any plans to upload the new album by The Enemy – Music For The People? It’s release date is today, and all the other Enemy releases are on there. Thanks, Alex

  17. Hello. Great update. Especially the earache records stuff, hehe.
    Some time ago I talked with a representative of Century Media Records who claimed that they were signing up with you. I also remember seing their name on the “partners” list you posted a few weeks ago.
    Is there any idea when we could hope to see some Century Media Acts (Dark Tranquillity, Haunted) on Spotify?

    Thanks for a great service.

  18. @bhsand: We actually have it, but we had a problem with the delivery (affecting many more albums than this), so the album wasn’t complete. Expect it up very soon!

  19. Thanks for the update & the good work with Spotify!

    1. I just hope that you soon will be able to lose those country restrictions. There are so many songs that are not available here in Thailand.

    Don’t understand what the record companies are thinking. That will instead make people to either download them or get them off the street, Copies are almost more available than original cds here. So who is winning from blocking the songs here? Not the customers & not the artists who will lose out.

    2. Please try & keep the records original release dates.


  20. vayametro – The new Dylan album has a different release date for Spain. It should be available next update.

    a_l_e_x_i_s – The Enemy album is currently available as a premium pre-release in the UK and has a release date listed as May 11th for other users.

  21. Any news on when any more Madness albums are comming to Spotify? There’s only two on Spotify at the moment and only one is playable? Do you know when Divine Maddness is going to be playable for UK users?

  22. Some great stuff from Strut records!
    Still got my ass together to buy a premium subscription.

    Still a bit annoyed over some labels decision to restrict content based on country. Sometimes just a single track from an album.

    Thanks for a great music service!

  23. when will bon jovi’s THE CIRCLE BE RELEASED ON SPOTIFY FREE?
    and cheryl cole’s 3 WORDS
    rihanna’s RATED R
    sum1 let me know please