Spotify Premium Sweden, It’s All Good

Bob Dylan Pre-release

Bob Dylan, is one of the most iconic artists of our time. For more than 40 years he’s been creating classic albums and his influence on music can be heard almost everywhere. Next week he’s releasing his latest record, Together Through Life, but starting today Spotify Premium users in Sweden can pre-listen to the whole album.

For an idea of what to expect from the new album check out the first single, Breaking Here Lies Nothin’. Then sign up for Spotify Premium to listen to the whole album, you don’t want to be left Blowin’ in the Wind.


  1. How come I can’t access it. I have premium, I’m in Sweden (Skåne)… maybe I’ll just have to wait a few minutes.

  2. allanman – If you click the album link above you should be able to access it, let me know if it doesn’t work.

  3. For others with Robin’s question too:

    You can get to your invite’s by logging into the Spotify website here:

    At the bottom of the page (once logged in) you’ll see “Invitations”. This will let you know if you currently have any invitations to hand out.


  4. Well, sorry for asking again Andres, but whats up with getting 2Pac albums listed on Spotify? Did Pacs recordlabel answer?

  5. Andres- its is all fantastic. Is spotify Ltd listed on the stock market? You are so good I want to buy shares!!

  6. just got an invite and downloaded. good collection. need a lot more from nepal and rajasthan. xD

  7. Hey you have added the albums by Skinny Puppy! Wonderful.
    Thanks for a great service! 🙂

  8. How am I supposed to “check out the first single” and “then sign up” when the track is not available in Sweden?

    No, it’s not all good.