Spotify 0.3.14

We recently released Spotify 0.3.14. No additional features were added to this release, but a number of bug fixes, including one for the “Internal Corruption” errors, were included.


  1. Thats weird… I already got version 0.3.14…

    Well, sorry for asking again Andres, but whats up with getting 2Pac albums listed on Spotify? Did Pacs recordlabel answer?

  2. Hay un error en la lista de reproduccion de “Nena”, del album “Cover me”, el tema ” Starman no es el correcto, podríais corregirlo por favor?

  3. There is an error in the playlist for “Nena,” the album “Cover me”, the theme of “Starman is wrong, you could fix this please?
    Thank you!

  4. Guys, please… you need to introduce *some* kind of notification into the app when a new version is available. You can’t just change (major) application files on a user’s computer without letting them know or giving them the choice.

    If my computer started screwing up after one of your updates and I didn’t follow this blog, I wouldn’t be able to associate the problem with your update.

  5. On the Home Top lists tab, I see there’s now a “for me” option to list my top albums, artists, and tracks. This is great! Is this a new feature or has it always been there?

  6. Hi,

    I’d be interested in a release note(s) if any are published?


  7. Hi,

    I just receive my free account invitation and want to write a few here to say tahnk you for this great App !
    Go further in the developpement (iPhone App !) and spotify will be awsome (premium member as soon as ther is an iPhone app ;))

    Amo__ from France !

  8. two things:
    You should test your updates on Vista with UAC turned on, the update process is kinda interresting 🙂

    When I start typing in the search-box, the banner ads shows up, and they magically steal focus, so I have to select the search box again to continue typing…

  9. I agree with alexmuller, that you should provide a notification within Spotify itself.

    Apparently I already had this version, but I downloaded and installed it anyway.

  10. Hi,

    I download Spotify 3 days ago. Beautiful, fast, this product is great. I just think, for the repeat function, that the repetition may be for one track and for the playlist, like

    Mike from France

  11. Scrobbling trough proxy please!!!
    I will never buy premium before it works…

  12. Is there no option now to change proxy settings from the sign-in page? What about editing the settings file directly?

  13. Well – I am still waiting to actually try this siteout – I have downloaded the application but I cannot for tracks and when i try to load in it keeps saying that my password is invalid even though it isn’t. Do you have to download the application every time you go into Spotify – surely not !

  14. Might have introduced a new bug though: If the banner changes position (e.g from bottom to right) while typing in a search, your typing loses focus…. Kinda annoying!

  15. No encuentro nada de Noiseshaper, y son muy buenos.
    No pueden faltar en este gran progama.

  16. The group Noiseshaper there aren`t in this fabulous program.
    It can to be that they don`t appear.
    I love your program, Spotify.