Spotify music catalogue updated with 4,150 releases

Monday is here and so is another big update to our music catalogue. Toady we’ve added 4,150 albums and singles, in total more 41,000 new tracks are now up.

Most anticipated in todays update is the new Depeche Mode album, Sounds Of The Universe and also the new Green Day single, Know Your Enemy. Also out today is My Maudlin Career, a new album from Camera Obscura and Pop Lie, the new single by Okkervil River.

For a full listing of todays additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.


  1. Excellent, I’ve been waiting for both the Mode and Camera Obscura albums to hit the UK.


  2. I’ve recently noticed Spotify jingles between songs. I understand the need for ads because you gotta pay the bills and the labels, but why jingles?

  3. Wow, El Perro del Mar’s debut! But when will her latest (Love Is Not Pop) be available?

    Also I need to repeat myself: The album spotify:album:6ywXkR5CXN0pLCuA4cDV4J is still announced under the wrong artist. Ólafur Arnalds should be Ólöf Arnalds. ÒLÖF! No, I won’t stop until this has been corrected. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Great actualization! I wish with listen on spotify ALL the music of the world in a future!

    I have a question: why delete Cd’s of Lighthouse Family? 1 month ago, on spotify have all the discography of this group, but now are only 2 CD’s + Greatest Hits.

  5. Great to see a continous flow in new music, I miss some stuf though, I would like more official movie soundtrack albums and i would also like to see more pre-made search groups let say 80s rock or 90’s r&b and so on, maybe this is somethng that will be made via that thing, libspotify? anyway thx for a great music platform!!

  6. My man Andres, how is it goin with publishing 2Pacs full discography? any progress?

  7. Id like to see more soundtracks and musicals added like

    The Tudors
    Legally Blonde The Musical
    In The Heights

    There all avaible in the UK so would be great to see these and more added.

  8. Sorry to sound sarcastic or ungrateful, but thank you Spotify! This is the first update since the big cull at the beginning of February where any of my favourite tracks, which had been removed, actually came back!! Hopefully this will continue.

    I must have been really unlucky or have really strange tastes since the law of averages would seem to suggest that since you are adding an average of 10,000 tracks per day some of my favourite tracks really ought to have come back sooner.

  9. It’s weird, all the artists I know has every album listed on spotify, but not 2pac. its just weird. believe me you’ll get more users with 2pac. he has the largest fanbase in rap.

    just a thought =p

  10. Here’s an idea: As long as everything isn’t available to everyone, it would be very nice to be able to filter the Google Doc so you only see what’s available in a specific region.. It’d be especially interesting to be able to do this oneself, so it’s possible to see where various songs are actually available.. Not just for the newly added stuff, but every song in the database 🙂

    I’m, f.ex curious where the Das Compilation-album (contains Kim Chi – Octopus Song), the DJs Pride Club Remix 02-album (contains Hyolee – Dark Angel (Chul 2 remix)), and the Athena the Music OST-album (with, f.ex the song from the old game Psycho Soldier) are available..

    I’ve noticed a distinct lack och Japanese and Korean music.. Either I’m searching in a bad way, which is unlikely, as I do find artists, but no tracks or profiles, or most music from some parts of the world is simply not available to me..

  11. I would really love if the songs that was removed from 2pac was added again here in Sweden. I really miss Breathin 😦 It almost made me stop using spotify.

  12. Ok, thanks for your respons fewmanchu.

    And two thumbs up for Spotify. Its an absolutely great service!

  13. It’s weird, all the artists I know has every album listed on spotify, but not 2pac. its just weird. believe me you’ll get more users with 2pac. he has the largest fanbase in rap.
    just a thought =p

  14. retskrad – We’re aware that 2Pac is missing albums, no need to post multiple times on each blog post. We’ve contacted the label and asked them if they can send his other releases.

  15. I love spotify!!! but only one thing!! Where is “COLIN HAY”?! my favor. artis isnt there, wtf 😦 i hope u can hotfix this *bug* ^^

  16. Nice update! Now a request for the future: add new age and classic genre in the radio filters ^^

  17. @zaden
    impossible tbh.
    those filters are unavailable in some states&countries, so it wouldn’t be fair to give some users what others can’t have.

    kthanks, @DeathwishEmo.

  18. Anyone know what update this was?

    When I go to Help > About, it’s showing 0.3.14.

    Can someone confirm with me that this is the latest update?

    Thanks guys.

  19. 0.3.14 has got to be something of a rare first. Even though the crew added one file (a crash icon) they actually reduced the total footprint of the app. On Intel Mac this is what you had before: 155 items, 2656066 bytes, 6048 blocks. That equates to 2.953125 MB effective disk space. Now with 0.3.14 you get this: 156 items, 2618156 bytes, 5976 blocks. That equates to 2.91796875 effective disk space. The savings is 36 KB. Not a mountain but remember: they’re doing what with other software companies results in radioactive mutants that bloat and bloat and bloat – but they’re downsizing instead. This is another one of the great things about Spotify. Not only is it a brilliant idea whose time has come, not only is the infrastructure (torrenting, database management, search engine) absolutely brilliantly designed, but the front end programmers are actually good at their jobs. And in today’s sloppy world of IT that’s almost unheard of. Major H/T to everyone at HGG 20.

  20. The new kebnekajse album – sweet! Now get the old albums in the playlist aswell, best progg band by far.

  21. …And now Tom Morello is gone in Sweden… Along with already missing artists like Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity, etc. Hate to say it but who cares if you add 4100 albums when you remove the ones worth listening to?

  22. Thanks for the update… But no mention of all the music that is disappearing! I won’t go for a premium if I can’t trust my favorites to stay stable!

  23. haha another thing i could enjoy is parodies. like “Im a Korean” search on youtube. i would really love to see spotify accept more parodies