Spotify Premium Sweden, Flo Rida in the house

Flo Rida Concert

The Miami rapper, Flo Rida, recently released a new album, R.O.O.T.S., which includes his hit single, Right Round. Next Monday, April 20th, he’s playing an exclusive showcase concert at Malmen in Stockholm and we have a pair of tickets to give out to one lucky Spotify Premium user in Sweden. The party starts at 20.00 and is 18+, if you’re interested in going to the show please leave a comment on this blog post and we’ll pick a winner Monday morning.

We also have a Depeche Mode playlist from a radio show they did in England where they showcased some of their favorite songs. The playlist goes with the contest we’re running to meet Depeche Mode at the Arvika festival. For more information about that contest, which runs until next week, have a look at this blog post.


  1. sounds gooooood

    small suggestion… can spotify get an EQ (bass treb, mid-range etcetc)? the more frequencys the better 😉

  2. Nice to see a bonus for premium members. Might be nice to have a message in the Spotify App itself about this, as most members won’t be reading the blog that regularly.

    Good luck to all!

  3. We’re looking into making some sort of premium section in the app itself to better publicize these, thanks for the comment.

  4. Cool, but I’ve been looking around on Spotify, and I REALLY miss Liquid Tension Experiment, and Liquid Trio Experiment. But when I search for them, it shows that there is an artist, but when I click on the artist, nothing shows up.

  5. I wanna go!! 😀 live really close aswell.

    ticktes would spin my world round round!

  6. fan vilken timing! köpte ett månadskonto för att se hur det funkar, plus att lyssna på Right Round med Flo Rida! och nog fan funkar det fint. men ett par konsertplåtar skulle ju va sjukt coolt!!!!
    /mvh S.

  7. My man Andres, how is it goin with publishing 2Pacs full discography? any progress?