Spotify opens its doors to developers

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of libspotify, our first step in opening up Spotify as a music platform. By releasing libspotify we will allow third-party developers to write applications for our service and offer the possibility of creating an exciting new range of features. Libspotify and any applications built with it will be available to Spotify Premium users as of today.

With the release of libspotify we hope to empower our users to build upon what we’ve started and come up with imaginative and innovative new ways of interacting with Spotify. There are hundreds of features that users have suggested to add to Spotify and by taking this step we hope to encourage the developer community to expand our service.

Developers interested in using libspotify can head on over to our developer site for more details. Initially we are offering support for Linux on IA-32, but we have plans to open up Spotify to more platforms and provide additional access to our services in the near future.


  1. When Pandora was available in the UK – I paid the yearly subscription fee to be able to access it from my squeezebox.

    Now, if spotify could somehow get that link with up and running and we have squeezebox functionality – then it’s a done deal! In fact, I’d be happy to pay if Spotify introduced a mechanism for recommending new music based on my playlist…


  2. Two questions: Will you release the library for 64bit OS as well? (or is this compatible, I’m far from any expert)
    Secondly, are you considering writing/maintaining plug-ins yourself? I know that the new Amarok for instance, has support for 3rd-party plugins (and I know its not the only option, just happens to be the one I prefer)

    Other than that, this is very good news!

  3. It would be a very good idea to create a plugin for Amarok… I think that many linux users would use it. Moreover many amarok users have asked for this feature (just google “amarok spotify”).

  4. theres only 1 problem with it I dont know how to access my libary plz someone repl wiv aner plz plz

  5. What I don’t understand is why a developer needs a premium account to develop spotify. Surely if someone develops a cool spotify app, then I’m giving publicity to spotify.

    I’m a software developer still at uni and I really can’t afford £10 a month to do something like this.

    Also what happens if I take out a premium account for a month and then cancel it, will the api and any apps released continue to work?

  6. someone needs to hurry up and make spotify for psp go and for ps3, they are moth major entertainment systems and out of any, they should be the ones to have spotify on them. is there any news of either happening?