Expanded “Buy From” feature and a Spanish translation

There are a couple of neat new features to tell you about today. We’ve been experimenting with a download feature where users could purchase tracks for a while now but the number of songs available has been very limited. Now we’re expanding the “Buy From” feature to offer you the option to download a huge number of tracks and albums that are in Spotify. We’ve partnered with 7digital to offer you this service and initially downloads are only available in the UK, France and Spain. We plan to expand this service to other countries in the near future.

To purchase albums or tracks right click on the track name (control click in Mac OS) and you’ll see the “Buy From” menu item. If the track or album is available for purchase there will be a link to the 7Digital store where you can download the mp3.


Additionally we’ve added a Spanish translation of Spotify for our users in Spain. This is our first time expanding the range of languages that Spotify offers so let us know what you think about the feature. To change the language go to the preferences menu and save the new settings.


  1. It works great so far. There’s a bug in the Spanish translation, though. It says “Activar aceleración de software” and it should be “Activar aceleración por HARDWARE”, I think. In English that’s what it says anyway.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. No problem. And “Fila de reproducción” on the left should be “Lista de reproducción”. 😉

  3. Spanish translation is adequate
    “poner en fila” should be “añadir a la lista de reproducción”
    There should be an option to change it back to english if desired.
    Anyway, thank you and keep up the good work!

  4. ^ “Add to the play queue” = “Añadir a la cola de reproducción” or “Añadir a la cola” if shortened.

    You can choose the language in the preferences panel, under Modificar > Preferencias…

  5. andres – windows 2000. it might be that, at home, with xp, everything is ok 🙂 thanks

  6. Hello,

    It’s been a nice update. I noticed up when my ubuntu (yes, I’m running it in a Linux System and it works nice!) updated it without telling him.

    Now I’ve it in spanish (my mother tongue).

    Thanks a lot for Spotify Team!

  7. there’s a character set encoding bug somewhere between spotify and 7digital – i tried “Buy From” with this album: spotify:album:3zg9v7g5QCGkAtKMVQC7SM, and it comes up with an error and a corrupted URL.

    BTW 1.50 a track is too much for albums – you’d pay around the same for a CD with included paper booklet with liner notes, better quality encoding and the physical box!

    still, if the price comes down and the range of available albums increases, this is a great facility.

  8. rogpeppe – Thanks for the heads up, someone will look into those encoding problems.

  9. What’s supposed to happen when I click the “7Digital” link? Nothing happens for me.

    (linux and wine)

  10. Swedish language would be nice. I think programs just feel better when they are in your native tounge.

  11. Is this the beginning of the end for streaming? I’m okay paying for a premium subscription, but not paying to download the music – it ruins what Spotify stands for.

  12. To be able to buy and download the songs is just an extra feature. Of course Spotify will continue the streaming!! 🙂

  13. Thanks for the Spanish translation!! It is a great update, we are a lot of users from Spain.

    Please change “Fila de reproducción” to “Lista de reproducción”, that’s the right translation.


  14. for the buy now function do you plan to provide that for the playlist also? track by track is a bit onerous.

  15. chrisbyrne – You can also buy by album in many cases. We do hope to allow purchase of playlists in the future as well.

  16. Thanks for the help, skrue. Unfortunately, I can set up the firefox script, but there appears no way to tell Spotify to use it..

  17. Is it possible for you to sell albums from artists that are not included in your library? Surely they wouldn´t turn down the offer this time when they know people pay first and then listen to their tracks. You could only have the links to where we go and buy.

  18. This service is a good start, but i will never, ever, buy compressed music in this manner. If the downloads were availiable in f.e. 24bit/96Khz things would light up! I understand that this is a very small market for the record industry but music in 128Kbps is not an option for me, and i will continously buy the albums i like on CD. (Which is not a very hires format…)


    “Comment by chrisbyrne 2009-04-01 10:52 for the buy now function do you plan to provide that for the playlist also? track by track is a bit onerous.”

    Also a little more detail on a secure payment method & if you own the tracks outright.

  20. hi – i live in spain – but i want to surf spotify in English – where to i change the language options? thanks!

  21. go spotify! 🙂 great the 2spanish” option, consider to make the catalan one (more than 10 million people speak it!) thanks a lot, regards from Barcelona.