Spotify genres, the full listing

We’ve previously covered some of the advanced searches that you can do in Spotify to quickly find your favorite music. Searching by genre, such as “genre:soul“, is very popular but a lot of people are unaware of what genres they can search for.

To help you get more out of your searches we’ve put together a list of all the genres in Spotify. Some of the genres contain two words in which case you need to add quotation marks to the search for it to work properly. For example to find Appalachian Folk music you need to search for “genre:”Appalachian Folk”“.

Have a look at this Google Doc to see all 944 genres listed. Not all of them may be available since we may not have all genres of music yet but you should be able to find the majority of them.


  1. i used to have a list of what i searched for, and now its not there, and i need it. and i wanna know if i can find a list of all songs i have searched for