Spotify Music catalogue updated with 5,200 releases

Today we have another update to the Spotify music catalogue. We’ve added just over 5,200 albums and singles, in total over 72,000 new tracks were added. This update has some interesting additions for video game fans, we’ve added a number of soundtracks from EA Recordings like Sim City 4 and Command & Conquer.

Additionally the latest Röyksopp album, Junior, is also now available for pre-release for Spotify Premium users in Norway. Röyksopp has also put together their own playlist of their favorite tunes that they wanted us to share with you, so check it out.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country due to regional restrictions.


  1. Amazing how fast you guys are adding music. Out of interest, how big an archive do you have now (in tracks and geekily in GB / TB too please!)

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Oooh, a couple of Anathallo albums I haven’t heard. Thank you Spotify!

  3. @mikehatfield:
    If you type “year:0-2100” in the search bar, you will see how many songs you can listen to in your country.

  4. What genre can I search for to list all the game soundtracks?

    genre:game soundtrack

    has nothing…

    Great to see more Funker Vogt in today’s addition!

  5. another great update! HUGE thank you! especiall for Starz! Great if you’re into everything between Kiss and Hellacopters.

  6. It’d be great if you can add bands with Constellation Records.

    Thanks for the great updates.

  7. Could you fix the ID3 Tags of the Annihilator album “King Of The Kill”? Some songs aren’t tagged correctly, for example “Second to none” is “Hell is a war”.
    Sorry if I write that again, but maybe it has been overread.

  8. Awesome! Great with some the sims-music. Tho I want to hear all the music from that game! I loved the sims metal-music (best parody music ever imo)
    and also please add “still alive” from the game “portal” next time 🙂

  9. I notice a bunch of titles from A West Side Fabrication. This weekend will be full of indie nostalgia! Thanks! 🙂

  10. May I ask how many of the singles you can listen to in Sweden out of every new update. For example this time you have 5.200 releases how many of those are playable?

    P.O: I wanted to listen to one track from Suzanne Vega album and although it wasnt´t marked red I still couldnt listen to it.

  11. Spotify c’est vraiment vraiment bien. Dommage qu’il n’y ait pas le BJM quand même…

  12. Ahhhhhhh, a C&C album? This is so cool!!! When is Nintendo going to get in on this?

  13. Hey Neverstore has released a new single(and their new album is out soon) ! Make sure to add it :D!

  14. The one who said “Sweet! Röyksopp in Norway!”, – did you actually get to hear the album in Norway?? I sure can’t get it, and I’m in Norway.

  15. Are you having some kind of communication with the record companies about censored music? It’s annoying…

  16. wizkid: Thank you =] I didn’t see that under EA’s albums, thought they’d missed it out like falafeln thought too =]

  17. Hello. I want to do several questions to the persons in charge of spotify: the record ” Blanco y Negro ” going to add songs to spotify? I do not see any, and many of the rights of the songs more listened are of this one record in spain.
    Will they translate the program into Spanish? Spain is one of the countries with more users of spotify, but the program continues without being translated.
    And finally to say to them brings over of a mistake: the artist Serrat&Sabina is called Joan Manuel Serrat.

    Thank you for everything, and I wish that this dream that is spotify never ends.

  18. When is the catalogue going to have AC/DC in it? It is strange that this big of a rock band is not added yet.

  19. “I can see Spotify becoming what microsoft is to the world computer market.”

    If you can see that then you’ve got seriously bloodshot eyes.

  20. “A lyrics feature should be added on Spotify.”

    I would prefer they didn’t worry about featurism for now and instead concentrated on conquering the planet so everybody in every country can get Spotify. Once they’ve got a show running at full capacity and potential – then and only then should they worry about adding doodads. Maintaining reliability and stability in this stage of expansion is critical to their success.

  21. @wizkid – yeah I found out later, it’s really great 😀 I don’t think it was added the same day as the SimCity music