Spotify Premium, Röyksopp Forever


Norwegian electronic music duo, Röyksopp, are releasing their latest album, Junior, on March 23rd but starting today Spotify Premium users in Sweden and the UK can pre-listen to the release. The new album includes vocals from some great artists like Lykke Li and Robyn, so if you’re not a premium subscriber yet, now’s a great time to sign up, It’s What You Want.


  1. Oh, come on. This should be available to Norwegian subscribers as well. I’m tempted to stop my subscription since only UK and Swedish customers get the premium content.

  2. The three comments above sums up my thoughts when I saw the headline (comment 1), and when I read the blog entry (comment 2 and 3).

  3. Stop the “Sweden and UK”-thing! We have enough country restrictions already!

  4. Röyksopp beeing norwegian I find it sad/strange that its not available in Norway :-/

  5. This is great, I like Röyksopp, but it would be even better if the link to Robyn in your blog post (spotify:artist:6UE7nl9mha6s8z0wFQFIZ2) came back with anything newer than her debut album from 1997!! (compilation albums don’t count).

    I still don’t understand why Robyn’s albums aren’t available in her native Sweden?

  6. Lägg in Finland på de här “special-förmån” listorna i fortsättningen! (Speciellt då det gäller lika bra musik som nu!)

  7. I agree with lokling. Country restrictions sucks – especially on the Internet.

    Great album, though. Froddy sound. 🙂 Karin Dreijer (The Knife/Fever Ray) is really doing a wonderful work on this one together with Robyn and Lykke Li.

  8. IF Customer = “Premium”
    AND from country NOT like Artist
    AND age > 20 Then allow play

    The country restrictions just makes me a unhappy premium user.

  9. I just subscribed only to notice Junior is not available in Finland. Makes me wanna tear my trousers. Ffffuuuuu-

  10. Sweden and the UK? And the Dutch?

    Jesus, when will this fucking industry realize that they’ve obsoleted themselves beyond the point of recovery?

  11. All recording industry executives are bastards (yeah, maybe not all, there are always exceptions to the rule) 😦

    No Röyksopp in Norway, even for premium users, WTH!?

    Spotify, we love you!
    Recording industry executives, stop making it so _damn_ hard to love you!

  12. I *really* like how I just got myself a subscription after hearing a comercial on the free service for this pre-release album. Only to realise that, while the comercial isn’t targeted at ALL, the actual album is restricted.

    That’s just plain uncool.

  13. It’s kind of stupid that we get commercials in Norway saying that we get it if we upgrade to premium, when it’s not available here..

  14. I’ve just signed up for a free account and I’m allowed to listen with no problems.

    Shouldn’t this be for premium users only, or am I missing something here?

  15. I heard the commercial on spotify about pre-listen to the røyksopp album. So I subscribed. And now it’s not for Norwegians. Your commercial fouled me. Spotify is great, so I will be happy with my subsc, but wrongful marketing isn’t good.

  16. Just as hifiking i subscribed because of this commercial. Really dissapointed now that i had to read the blog to find out that it was not available in .no..

  17. This case has just gotten uglier and uglier.
    The restrictions on the album in the first place is certainly a label decision, and there’s little spotify can do with it. One can only wonder why they make these decisions. My guess is that they see Røyksopp as an established act in Norway, one that needs no extra hype. I also would guess that the decision makers have no idea how visible these restrictions have become in the digital world.

    The deal with the commercial that is currently running in Norway is really ugly. This is clearly only spotify’s own fault.

  18. The commercial was our fault, it shouldn’t have been played and I’m am sorry for that. If you purchased because of that ad and are unsatisfied you can contact our support team and they can help you.

    The album should be available for Norwegian premium users tomorrow and everyone as on next week.

  19. andres: Fair response – good. I’d like to see Spotify take a final stand against record companies and their silly restrictions. Trying to draw borders on the internet is like.. Well, not like competing in the special olympics, but something equally retarded while also relevant. 😛

  20. Response – good. Result – bad. Still not available in Norway, so I guess it was just hot air?

  21. – The album has been available to premium users in Norway since Friday.